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Liard River West Corridor Park is located along the most northerly progression of the Northern Rocky Mountains in northeastern British Columbia. It is adjacent to one of the most significant hot springs in Canada, the 1082 hectare Liard River Hot Springs Park, located on the Alaska Highway, 317 km northwest of Fort Nelson. 

The Liard River Corridor encompasses the Liard River valley and uplands to the height of land as far east as the Scatter River. The park is accessible by ATV, foot, horse or boat. 

One motorized route provides access to the north side of the Liard River Corridor Park. On the south side of the Liard River, an old BC Hydro road crosses the Trout River and continues to the Grand Canyon of the Liard. This road provides horseback and foot access, but can be hazardous at the Trout River crossing. River boat access is via the Liard River.