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This park proudly operated by:
Shuswap Adams Parks Ltd.
250 320-9305

BC Visitor Information Centre (Clearwater)

Fire Restrictions in Effect for this Park
Smoking is prohibited
During a campfire ban, smoking is restricted in all public areas of a park or protected area. Please read this Information Bulletin.

Wells Gray Provincial Park

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  • Recreation Strategy for Wells Gray Provincial Park

    In collaboration with First Nations, park users, stakeholders, and local and regional governments, BC Parks is developing a recreation strategy for Wells Gray Provincial Park. The report is due to be released by mid-2021. Stay tuned!

  • Canyon access to the Clearwater River Trail is closed

    Due to bridge damage, the 3rd Canyon access to the Clearwater River Trail is closed until further notice. Please monitor this page for trail condition updates. Your cooperation is appreciated.

About This Park

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Wells Gray has something to offer every outdoor interest: lush alpine meadows, excellent birding and wildlife viewing opportunities; hiking for every ability, ranging from a few minutes on a level trail to many days with a map and compass; boating, canoeing and kayaking. Guiding businesses offer horseback riding, canoeing, river-rafting, fishing and hiking; and the history enthusiast can learn about the early homesteaders, trappers, and prospectors, or about the natural forces that produced Wells Gray’s many volcanoes, waterfalls, mineral springs and glaciers.

To simplify finding information, Wells Gray Provincial Park is divided into the following areas:

  • Backcountry Areas: Information on some of the longer hiking trails, offering visitors the opportunity to camp in user-maintained wilderness settings.
  • Clearwater/Azure Marine: Two adjoining lakes, each 22 km long, are popular with canoeists, kayakers, and motor-boaters. Ride the tour boat, and take photos of the many waterfalls along the lakeshores.
  • Clearwater River: An area of limited access along the Clearwater River offering hiking, fishing, wilderness camping and spectacular scenery.
  • Mahood Lake: A beautiful, quiet, family – and fishing-oriented campground on the southwestern tip of Wells Gray Park.
  • Murtle Lake: 100 km of shoreline outlines this pristine, canoe-only lake in the wilderness.
  • Spahats Creek: Noted for its waterfall and panoramic view of the Clearwater Valley, this peaceful day-use area is only 10 km north of Clearwater.
  • Trophy Mountain: Approximately 6900 ha contains over 45 sub-alpine lakes and tarns and offers opportunities for hiking, back-country overnight and day trips.
  • Wells Gray Corridor Area (includes Pyramid and Clearwater Lake/Falls Creek campgrounds): Vehicle-accessible campgrounds, short hiking trails and spectacular views along the main road from the park entrance to Clearwater Lake. For your convenience, during the summer season this area of the park has a concession managed by the park operator.

Date Established: November 28, 1939
Park Size: 541,516 hectares

Know Before You Go

Stay Safe

  • Bear Safety brochure for Wells Gray [PDF] (English and German)
  • As a result of the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation, there are numerous dead trees in the marine camping areas of Murtle Lake. While efforts are ongoing to remove many of the tree hazards at these campsites, we still require you to do your part. When choosing a site please take time to look at the trees and their condition.
  • Campsite locations should be chosen with care. Tents and canoes should be placed a safe distance from potential deadfall. Use extra caution choosing campsites in windy conditions.

Special Notes

  • Snowmobiles
    Operation of snowmobiles is not permitted in the park unless granted under special exception by a park official.
  • Horse Riding in Wells Gray
    Horse use is permitted in many areas of the park.
  • Personal watercraft
    Personal watercraft (i.e. seadoos) are not permitted on Clearwater and Azure Lakes.

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Commercial Recreational Opportunities

In addition to the opportunities listed above, this park offers a number of other recreational opportunities (including guided hiking, horseback and canoe tours).

BC Parks initiated an exclusive proposal call opportunity that awarded six seasonal (spring to fall), multi-year permits for guided hiking and canoeing until 2023. There are three companies that can provide only day guiding opportunities, and three that can offer both day and overnight guiding opportunities within Wells Gray Provincial Park.


All campsite and group site reservations must be made through Discover Camping. When reservations are not available all campsites function as first-come, first-served.

Make a Reservation

Campsite Reservations

Campsite reservations are accepted at Clearwater Lake, Falls Creek and Mahood Lake group campgrounds and first-come, first-served sites are also available.

Group Campsite Reservations

Group campsite reservations are accepted at this park.

Location and Maps

Please note: Any maps listed are for information only; they may not represent legal boundaries and should not be used for navigation.

Park can be accessed off Hwy #5 at Clearwater or turn off Hwy 97 at 100 Mile House. Murtle Lake is accessed off highway 5 at Blue River. For more details, see description of various areas of the park.

Please note: The rest of Wells Gray Park is not accessible from Mahood Lake – the nearest reservable campground to Wells Gray attractions is North Thompson River Provincial Park.

Nature and Culture

  • History: Established November 28, 1939, the park was named for the Honourable Arthur Wellsley Gray, Minister of Lands for British Columbia from 1933 to 1941. As a result of the Kamloops Land and Resources Management Plan, several land additions have been incorporated into Wells Gray Park. These include the Clearwater River Corridor Addition of 3100 ha and the Trophy Mountain addition of 6934 ha, both designated in April 1996.
  • Conservation: Wells Gray Provincial Park offers a variety of topographical features. Extinct volcanoes, lava beds, mineral springs and glaciers are just a few of the wondrous natural attractions at the park. A number of spectacular waterfalls also exist, including the famous Helmcken and Dawson Falls. Dense forest cover characterizes the lower elevations, with excellent examples of Douglas-fir, western red cedar and hemlock. Wildlife abound with larger animals, such as the grizzly bear, and smaller animals including beaver, wolverine and timber wolf. A wide variety of waterfowl, although not numerous, can also be found in the park.
  • Wildlife: Wells Gray is noted for a wide variety of wildlife, including black and grizzly bear, wolf, cougar, lynx, bobcat, wolverine, moose, deer, mountain goat, caribou, plus a host of smaller mammals such as fisher, marten, mink, weasel, squirrel, etc. The bird checklist notes 219 species.

Management Planning

Activities Available at this Park



There are opportunities for canoeing or kayaking.
  • Murtle Lake: Only canoeists and kayakers are allowed on this lake.
  • Clearwater/Azure Marine: A number of companies provide guided trips. Contact the Wells Gray Park Information Centre for more information. Canoeists heading for Azure must use a 0.5 km portage.
  • Corridor Area: (see under Clearwater/Azure Marine) In addition to the opportunities listed above, this park offers a number of other recreational opportunities including guided canoe tours.
  • Mahood Lake: canoeing and kayaking
In addtion to the opportunities listed above, this park offers a number of other recreational opportunities, including guided canoe tours.


Bicycles must keep to roadways. Bicycle helmets are mandatory in British Columbia. In the Corridor Area, there are specific trails open to mountain bikers; ask at the Wells Gray information centre.


Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.
  • Clearwater/Azure Marine: Rainbow trout has been successfully found at either end of both lakes as well as Barella Creek and Angus Horne Creek.
  • Corridor Area: Refer to current BC Environment Fishing Regulations Synopsis.
  • Mahood Lake: Contains rainbow, lake trout, kokanee, whitefish and burbot.


  • Clearwater/Azure Marine: Lakeshore trailheads lead to stunning views of lesser known waterfalls and viewpoints overlooking the lake.
  • Corridor Area: Variety of short hikes available.
  • Mahood Lake: Easy, short trails to Mahood, Canim, Deception Falls and Whale Lake.
  • Spahats Creek: Easy walk to viewing platform provides spectacular views of Spahats Falls and the canyon where Spahats Creek has cut through layers of volcanic rock. Shaden viewing platform provides a view of Clearwater River Corridor.

Trail updates will be posted in the Important Notice section above. For your own safety and for the preservation of the park, obey posted signs and keep to designated trails. Shortcutting trails destroys plant life and soil structure.

In addtion to the opportunities listed above, this park offers a number of other recreational opportunities, including guided hiking tours.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Horse use is permitted in many areas of the park.

In areas of the park used by those commercial park Use permit holders offering horseback riding opportunities, horseback use is permissible by the general public without additional authorization. These trails include: the Flat Iron, Hemp Creek Canyon Lands, Hoodoo Rim Trail, Green Mountain, White Horse Bluffs, Tote Road, Still water, Majerus, Blackwater, and Bee Farm.

The Green Mountain trail system, in the corridor area is open to horse use.

Companies along the Wells Gray Park Road offer guided horse riding and the park offers a number of other recreational opportunities (including guided horseback tours).

All trails authorized for horse use will be marked by an appropriate sign at the trail heads.

In addition, some other areas in the park are open to horse use through a Letter of Authorization process. These areas include, but are not limited to, Battle Mountain, Table Mountain, and Pyramid Trail to upper Murtle River.

Those wishing to access these areas by horse must contact the Area Supervisor responsible for Wells Gray at the Ministry of Environment office in Kamloops: 250 371-6200 to provide additional details of your request. Letters of Authorization, if issued, will be issued from the regional office and will contain any additional restrictions or requirements necessary in order to access those areas of the park. Letters of Authorization are free of charge.



Hunting is permitted within Wells Gray Provincial Park. Please refer to current British Columbia Hunting Regulations for seasons and bag limits.
Interpretive Programs

Interpretive Programs

Wells Gray Park, sponsored by the BC Conservation Corps, the Federation of BC Naturalists, park operators and BC Parks, may offer Interpretation programs in the summer. You can check back to with page or ask the park operator.
Pets on Leash

Pets on Leash

Pets/domestic animals must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed in beach areas or park buildings. You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement.Backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs or other pets due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears.


There are swimming opportunities in the park but there are no lifeguards on duty at provincial parks.
  • Clearwater/Azure Marine: Most lakes, rivers, streams are glacier fed and the water is icy cold all year-round.
  • Corridor Area: Most lakes, rivers, streams are glacier fed and the water is icy cold all year-round.
  • Mahood Lake: 220 m of beach and shelving foreshore.
Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife Viewing

With a large variety of habitats and ecosystems, Wells Gray Provincial Park provides exceptional wildlife viewing and bird watching opportunities. Among the most notable wildlife in the corridor area, you may see black bears in the spring, Chinook salmon during the autumn and wolves and moose during the winter months.
Winter Recreation

Winter Recreation

There are backcountry skiing and snowshoeing opportunities in various areas of the park. There are groomed cross-country ski trails in the Majerus Farm area.

Operation of snowmobiles is not permitted in the park unless granted under special exception by a park official.

Facilities Available at this Park



Some facilities and hiking trails in the park are wheelchair-accessible.

Boat Launch

Boat Launch

There are opportunities for boat launching.
  • Clearwater/Azure Marine: There is a boat launch located at the end of Wells Gray Park Road, near the southern end of Clearwater Lake. It is paved and gravel maintained.
  • Corridor Area: The boat launch is located at the end of Wells Gray Park Road, near the southern end of Clearwater Lake.
  • Mahood Lake: There is a paved boat launch. If parking overnight, advise the park operator of your return time.
Cabins / Huts

Cabins / Huts

There are a few rustic public cabins in the park. These facilities are intended for emergency use and are not regularly maintained.



While campfires are allowed and campfire rings are provided at each campsite, we encourage visitors to conserve wood and protect the environment by minimizing the use of fire and using campstoves instead. Firewood can be purchased in the park or you may bring your own wood. Fees for firewood are set locally and may vary from park to park. Limited burning hours or campfire bans may be implemented. To preserve vegetation and ground cover, please don’t gather firewood from the area around your campsite or elsewhere in the park (this is a ticketable offence under the Park Act). Dead wood is an important habitat element for many plants and animals and it adds organic matter to the soil.
Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Cold water taps are located throughout the park.
Group Camping

Group Camping

There are two group campsites at Mahood Lake, 20 metres from the beach, with picnic tables, outhouses and water taps. These sites are reservable. Reservation information »

Youth group camping charges per night are $1/person (6+), with a $50 minimum and $150 maximum. Read the Youth Group policy about criteria for youth groups.

Regular group camping charges per night are the base rate for the site, which is $20.00/group site/night, plus $5/adult (16+, minimum charge for 15 adults), plus $1/child (6-15). Children under 6 are free!

Picnic Areas

Picnic Areas

This park offers day-use/picnic areas.
  • Clearwater/Azure Marine: Campsites closest to the boat launch are popular with day-use visitors for picnic sites.
  • Corridor Area: There are 10 picnic/day-use areas, with a number of tables at each. Campfires not permitted in the picnic area.
  • Mahood Lake: There is parking for approximately 40 vehicles in the picnic/day-use area. Campfires are not permitted in the picnic area. Water is not provided in theday-use area.
  • Spahats Creek: There is parking for approximately 40 vehicles in the day-use area at the Clearwater Valley viewpoint.
Pit or Flush Toilets

Pit or Flush Toilets

There are flush toilets located at Spahats day-use area. The rest of the park only has pit toilets – no flush toilets.


Mahood Lake: An excellent adventure playground for small children, a large grassy playing field for ball games, and a horseshoe pit adjacent to the campground.


A sani-station/dump is available during the collecting season. It is in the corridor area and located across the north end of False Creek Campground.
Sani-station Use Fee: $5.00 per discharge
Vehicle Accessible Camping

Vehicle Accessible Camping

This park offers vehicle accessible campsites on a first-come, first-served basis and campsite reservations are accepted.

Clearwater Lake, Falls Creek, and Mahood Lake Frontcountry Campgrounds

Vehicle Accessible Camping Fee: $23.00 per party / night
BC Senior’s Rate (day after Labour Day to June 14 only): $11.50 per senior party/night. Read the user fees policy for information on senior camping discounts.

Pyramid Frontcountry Campground

Vehicle Accessible Camping Fee: $20.00 per party / night
BC Senior’s Rate (day after Labour Day to June 14 only): $10.00 per senior party/night. Read the user fees policy for information on senior camping discounts.
Walk-In/Wilderness Camping

Walk-In/Wilderness Camping

Wilderness, backcountry or walk-in camping is allowed. Each of the below campgrounds has a food cache and pit toilet, each site has fire rings and some have picnic tables. Fees can be deposited at self-registration fee stations or online through Discover Camping’s Backcountry Registration System.
  • Azure Lake: Access to these sites by boat only. Four camping areas with a total of 21 tent sites.
  • Clearwater Lake: Access to these sites by boat only. 12 camping areas with a total of 33 tent sites.
  • Mahood Lake: There are three user-maintained lakeshore sites that are accessible only by boat. No fees are collected at these sites.
  • Murtle Lake: Access to these sites by canoe only. There are 69 sites. No combustible motors on this lake.
Backcountry Camping Fee: $5.00 per person / night for all persons 6 years of age or older.
BC Parks Backcountry Registration System allows you to purchase a backcountry camping permit before leaving home. Although the system does not reserve a campsite, the system provides visitors the convenience of prepaying for their trip and not having to carry cash. We encourage all visitors to register online so we can reduce the need to collect fees in the field.
Backcountry Registration System
For your safety, even if you have pre-paid your camping fees, please fill out a registration form, with your name and the colour of your canoe or kayak, upon arriving at the park. Please add a copy of your camping permit to the envelope. You also need to carry a copy of the permit on your body, while you are in the park. (If you have pre-paid online, print two copies of your permit and bring them with you).