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Wells Gray Park: Clearwater/Azure Marine


Marine-accessible camping

Backcountry camping is allowed, but no facilities are provided. 

Clearwater Lake – Access to these sites by boat only. 8 camping areas with a total of 33 tent sites. 

Azure Lake – Access to these sites by boat only. Four camping areas with a total of 21 tent sites. Information about backcountry sites in Wells Gray.

Backcountry Camping Fee: $5.00 per person / night for all persons 6 years of age or older.
Boat launch
There is a boat launch located at the end of Wells Gray Park Road, near the southern end of Clearwater Lake. It is 71 km from Highway 5 in Clearwater. The road is paved to 43 km with a further 28 km of well-maintained gravel road leading to the boat launch.
While campfires are allowed and campfire rings are provided at each campsite, we encourage visitors to conserve wood and protect the environment by minimizing the use of fire and using campstoves instead. Firewood can be purchased in the park or you may bring your own wood. Fees for firewood are set locally and may vary from park to park.

Limited burning hours or campfire bans may be implemented. To preserve vegetation and ground cover, please don’t gather firewood from the area around your campsite or elsewhere in the park (this is a ticketable offence under the Park Act ). Dead wood is an important habitat element for many plants and animals and it adds organic matter to the soil.
Picnic areas
This park has a day-use/picnic area.
Pit or flush toilets
This park only has pit toilets – no flush toilets.

There are several trailheads located along the shorelines. These lead to some of the park's lesser known waterfalls and viewpoints. This includes a trail leading to Rainbow Falls, located at the east end of Azure Lake, and Eagle viewpoint, located at Divers Bluff Campground.

  • Be aware of signs of bear activity on any of the trails, and be prepared to take evasive action.
  • Trail conditions and updates will be posted on the Wells Gray Park page under the Advisories and Hiking sections.

Two main trails lead away from these lakes to wilderness destinations. Note that times and distances are for one way only.

Hobson Lake Trail

The trailhead lies within the river channel between Clearwater and Azure, on the western bank. A strong hiker will make the 15km hike to the southern end of Hobson Lake within 7 hours. Expect a 300m elevation gain.

Huntley Col

From 4 1/2 Mile Campsite on the north shore of Azure Lake, a hike of 4km with a 1300m elevation gain will take experienced hikers approximately 5 hours.

In addition to the hiking trails listed above, this park offers additional hiking opportunities, including guided hiking tours. Contact BC Parks for more information.

There are no lifeguards on duty at provincial parks. Most lakes, rivers and streams are glacier-fed and the water is icy cold all year-round.

Very popular, with rental canoes available at the boat launch on Clearwater Lake. A number of companies offer guided trips on Clearwater and Azure Lakes. Contact the Wells Gray Information Centre at 250-587-2090 for more information.

Canoeists heading for Azure must use a 0.5 km portage. The portage has numerous stairs and sections of boardwalk and is not suitable for canoe carts. As the south access to the portage lies within the river channel, strong paddling ability during high water in June and July may be required.

This area offers other opportunities in addition to the ones listed above, including guided canoeing tours. For more information, contact BC Parks.


Fishing for Rainbow trout is popular here, with the most successful areas being at either end of both lakes, as well as creek mouths such as Barella Creek and Angus Horne Creek. Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.

Pets on leash
Pets/domestic animals must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed in beach areas or park buildings. You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement. Backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs or other pets due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears.

Hunting is allowed in the off-season at Clearwater Azure Marine. Please refer to the hunting page for more information.