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Access to the east side of the park is by gravel roads leading west from Highway 93/95 along Toby Creek, Findlay Creek, Skookumchuck Creek, St. Mary’s River and Dewar Creek. These roads are frequently used by industrial logging traffic. Caution is advised. 

Distances vary from 35 to 75 km to the trailheads. West side trailheads at Hamill Creek and Fry Creek are accessed from Highway 31 by turning west at Meadow Creek and proceeding south along the east side of Kootenay Lake to Argenta or Johnson’s Landing. The Kootenay-Joe Road leads from near Johnson’s Landing to the height of land between the front range and the Conservancy. 

The Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Park is a non-mechanized area, access by vehicles of any kind is prohibited and enforced.

Acquiring a backroad map book for the area is recommended.