Freshwater fishing

Freshwater fishing

This page provides a guide to freshwater fishing in British Columbia’s parks and protected areas. Look here for information on popular fishing destinations across these regions:

If you are interested in learning more about any of the parks mentioned below, click the park’s name. This takes you to that park’s webpage, which provides all the information you need for a successful trip.

Lower Mainland-South Coast-Vancouver Island

Alice Lake

Set among towering mountains and dense forests Alice Lake Park contains four freshwater lakes. Alice Lake itself is stocked yearly with Rainbow Trout. Other species within the lakes include cutthroat trout, prickly sculpin, and general sculpin.

Alouette Lake, Mike Lake, and Gold Creek

Located in Golden Ears Park, Alouette is alternately stocked with cutthroat and rainbow trout. Other species within the lake include lake trout, northern pikeminnow, and stickleback. Nearby Mike Lake and Gold Creek also offer freshwater fishing opportunities.

Hicks Lake

The deepest lake in the narrow valley containing Sasquatch Park, Hicks Lake is an excellent habitat for sturgeon, smelt, salmon, catfish, and stickleback. Additionally, the three smaller lakes in Sasquatch are stocked with cutthroat and rainbow trout.

Spider Lake

The centrepiece of Spider Lake Park, this lake is stocked with small mouth bass and rainbow trout, giving you fishing opportunities year-round. Canoes, and kayaks can be launched from the beach and boats can be launched from a steep-banked causeway outside the park


Conkle Lake 

For many years, visitors have come to Conkle Lake Park to fish for rainbow trout. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout fry by the Summerland Trout Hatchery. Ice fishing may be possible during the winter season, though access can be challenging.

Lightning Lakes

Located in E.C. Manning Park, the Lightning Lakes chain offers easily accessible fishing opportunities for rainbow trout. Poland Lake and Nicomen Lake also offer good fishing for rainbow trout. Accessing these more remote areas is only recommended for hardy hikers.

Okanagan Lake

One of the most popular, conveniently located, and beautiful destinations in the region, Okanagan Lake offers various freshwater fishing opportunities. Bear Creek Park and Sun-Oka Beach Park are great bases for fishing trips on the lake.


Chilko Lake and Chilko River

Ts’ilʔos Park contains some of the Chilcotin area’s leading fishing destinations. Chilko Lake is known to be particularly well stocked with bull trout and rainbow trout. Chilko River supports spawning and rearing habitat for resident rainbow trout, bull trout, Rocky Mountain whitefish, and steelhead trout.

Kentucky Lake and Alleyne Lake

Kentucky-Alleyne Park features lakes and ponds stocked with kokanee and rainbow trout. The park is a very popular fishing destination in the summer and ice fishing may be available in winter. There is a ‘children-only’ fishery in the ponds between Kentucky and Alleyne Lakes, open exclusively to under-16s.

Lac Le Jeune and Walloper Lake

Year-round fishing is just one of many activities you can enjoy at Lac Le Jeune Park. The waters of Lac Le Jeune are known for large rainbow trout as well as brook and bull trout, mountain whitefish, and lake chub. Nearby Walloper Lake is ideal for family fishing and anglers who wish to catch relatively small trout.

Paul Lake

Easy access and beautiful scenery make Paul Lake Park a popular fishing destination. The lake is well-stocked with rainbow trout, including the large Gerrard subspecies. There is a boat launch suitable for launching car-top boats in the day-use area.

Pennask Lake

The fishery in Pennask Lake Park provides for roughly 40 per cent of the B.C.’s hatchery needs. It produces between three and five million native rainbow trout eggs annually. Along with the egg collection program, the fishery offers outstanding sport fishing opportunities.


Champion Lakes

With its three well-stocked lakes, Champion Lakes Park is a popular fishing destination. Notably, Third Lake is stocked with rainbow trout and hosts a Family Fishing Day every June. You can launch canoes, kayaks, or car-top boats from both Third Lake and Second Lake.

Kootenay Lake

A lesser-known gem of the area, Kootenay Lake Park is comprised of five lakeside sites. Here you can enjoy angling for kokanee, bull, and rainbow trout. The shoreline includes a wealth of natural and cultural features that enhance the park’s outstanding sport fishery.

Premier Lake, Canuck Lake, Yankee Lake, Cats Eye Lake, and Quartz Lake

The lakes of Premier Lake Park are extremely popular with fishers in the East Kootenays. Common species here include brook, bull, cutthroat, and rainbow trout, as well as northern pikeminnow and steelhead. You can launch boats from the far end of the day-use area.

Whiteswan Lake and Alces Lake

The shining waters of two mountain lakes, Whiteswan and Alces, are focal points of Whiteswan Lake Park. You can use any of the three available boat launches to enjoy angling in two of the East Kootenays’ most productive rainbow trout lakes. 

The North

Babine Lake

An angler’s paradise, Babine Lake Park gives you access to internationally significant angling opportunities along 200km of waterways. You can find cutthroat, rainbow trout and char all along the lake. The Smithers Landing site notably offers burbot and a wide variety of trout species.

Carp Lake

Long famous for its rainbow trout, Carp Lake Park offers some of the best fishing in the Central Interior. Rainbow trout averaging 500g and burbot are regularly caught by anglers. You can also find northern pikeminnow and two species of suckers in park waters.

Lakelse Lake 

Excellent year-round fishing opportunities await you at Lakelse Lake Park. Trout catches are common in the lake while the area’s rivers boast world-class salmon and steelhead runs. All five species of Pacific salmon spawn in waters within this park.

One Island Lake 

Located on the Alberta Plateau, One Island Lake Park is a popular destination for area anglers. The lake is stocked annually with eastern brook and rainbow trout. Other sport fish include bull trout and northern pike. The lake also supports other fish species such as brook stickleback and fathead minnow.

Stikine River

Marvelous fishing and spectacular scenery await you at Stikine River Park. The river supports resident rainbow trout, cutthroat, bull trout, and mountain whitefish. The lower reaches of the river and its tributaries also contain chinook, coho, and sockeye salmon.

Tyhee Lake

At Tyhee Lake Park, fishers of all ages can try their hand for native cutthroat or stocked rainbow trout. Minnows like the red shiner and pygmy whitefish can challenge the younger fisher. Additionally, the park offers a boat launch, loading dock, and a playground for the kids.