Nazko Lake Park: Nazko Lake Park


Nazko Lake Canoe Chain: Nazko Lake Park has a small chain of lakes, ideal for a 2-4 day canoe trip. This 20 km route spans six lakes (Deerpelt Lake, Nazko Lake, Tanilkul Lake, Nastachi Lake, Tzazati Lake, and Tchusiniltil Lake) and has short, easy portages. Most of the portages are marked. There are no facilities on the canoe chain.

Deerpelt Lake - A small, scenic lake, Deerpelt Lake is the staging area for the Nazko Lake Canoe Chain. There is a steep canoe launch, leading from the campsite to the lake. A very narrow access road with poor visibility travels along one side of Deerpelt Lake to Nazko Lake. This road offers little room to maneuver a vehicle or turn around and can be very slippery when wet. It is recommended that canoeists park at Deerpelt Lake to access the canoe chain. A 50-75 m portage leads from Deerpelt Lake to Nazko Lake.

Nazko Lake - One of the most popular lakes on the chain, Nazko Lake is also the primary lake for fishing. (Power boats are allowed on Nazko Lake). There are wetlands at either end of Nazko Lake where bald eagles can be sighted. An 800 m portage (the longest portage on the chain) leads from Nazko Lake to Tanilkul Lake.

Tanilkul Lake - At approximately 5 km long, Tanilkul Lake is the longest lake on the chain, and perhaps the most beautiful. Tanilkul Lake offers an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities; American White Pelican, mule deer, common loons, osprey, bald eagles, greater yellowlegs, red-winged blackbird, and beaver. There are rock cliffs that border most of the lake which create a wonderful sense of isolation. A short 20 m portage leads from Tanilkul Lake to a small unnamed lake. A 200 m portage leads from the unnamed lake to Nastachi Lake.

Nastachi Lake - This 3.5 km lake is very shallow, with water lilies and other aquatic vegetation, making paddling difficult. Nastachi Lake may be impassable later in the summer, depending on seasonal water levels. The aquatic vegetation supports a diversity of bird life. A 300 m portage leads from Nastachi Lake to Tzazati Lake. There is a swampy section on the portage as you near Tzazati Lake.

Tzazati Lake - This 3 km long lake has a primarily forested shoreline, with marshes evident only near the lake inlets and outlets.

Nazko River/Tchusiniltil Lake - This is the final section of the canoe chain, approximately 7 km in length, with one portage on the river. The slow current of this narrow river makes canoeing easy, and the nearby shore provides excellent wildlife viewing.