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The park is located in the northern part of the Chilcotin Plateau northwest of Alexis Creek. Access is on logging roads and a dirt track. Drivers of two wheel drive vehicles should have no problems, provided they do not go beyond Deerpelt Lake. Described below are two access routes. The first route is a little quicker, with less travel on dirt roads, but in the spring and fall it can be very muddy and slippery. The alternate route is recommended during wet weather.

Nazko Lake Park Access

Take Highway 20 west from Williams Lake. Pass through the village of Alexis Creek (111 km from Williams Lake). Bull Canyon Park is six km further on. At the top of the hill past this small park, look for the Alexis Lakes Road and turn right. Travel approximately 32 km on the Alexis Lakes Road then turn left onto the 4600 Road (Clusko-Aneko Forest Service Road). The road to Loomis Lake and the Nazko Lake Canoe Chain is at kilometre 11.5, on the right, just past the 4645 marker sign. Loomis Lake is 11 km from the 4600 Road, and Deerpelt Lake, where the Canoe Chain starts, is about another 2.5 km.

Alternate Route

Travelling west on Highway 20 approximately 67 km west of Williams Lake (or 21 km west of Riske Creek), turn right on the 1300 Road (also called Bush Road or Alex Graham/Raven Lake Forest Service Road). Continue on the 1300 Road for approximately 44 km. Just past the 45 marker sign on the 1300 Road turn left onto the 4600 Road. Travel for 45.5 km. The access road to the Nazko Lake Canoe Chain is on the right, just past the 4645 marker sign. Continue as above.

These roads are active haul roads, and you may encounter logging trucks at any time. Please drive carefully and use your headlights.