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Height of the Rockies park is adjacent to Banff National Park, Elk Lakes Park, and Peter Lougheed Park in Alberta. There are six major trailheads accessible by summer logging roads:

  • from Canal Flats on Hwy 93/95 via the Whiteswan and White River roads ( turn east 4.5 km south of Canal Flats)
  • from Sparwood on Hwy 3 turn north to Elkford, then follow the Elk River road
  • from Highway 93 from Kootenay National Park, access Settlers Road through to the Palliser and Albert River roads

The park is also accessible by trail routes from Banff National Park, Elk Lakes Park and Peter Lougheed Park.

The community of Elkford is the closest community when accessing Height of the Rockies from the southern portion of the park. Canal Flats and Radium Hot Springs are the closest communities when accessing the park from the west.