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Gladstone Park is located approximately 20 km northeast of Grand Forks on Hwy 3 at the north end of Christina Lake in the Monashee Mountains. The most common accesses to the park are via the Texas Creek campground and by boat from Christina Lake. 

The campground is 5 km east of Christina Lake on Hwy 3; turn onto East Lake Drive and follow 4 km to the 63 site campground at the end of the road. 

There is rough 4WD access to Xenia Lake, 22 km up the North Fork Rd from Grand Forks to Miller Creek Rd. Turn right and go about 4 km. Look for a small road on the left marked with a white deactivated road sign that leads to the lake. 

There is also access to the Mt. Gladstone trailhead from Hwy 3 and the abandoned CPR railway at Paulson, the Mt. Faith trailhead from the Burrell Forest Service Road, and Peter Lake from Dog Creek Road.