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The park is located northeast of Likely and east of Quesnel. The Ghost Lake recreation site can be accessed by travelling to Barkerville from Quesnel via Highway 26, and then taking the 3100 Forestry Road (gravel) from Barkerville. The park is located approximately 70km (allow 1.5 hours) from Barkerville on the 3100 road. This is an active logging road: please drive cautiously with headlights on. Turn left onto a sign-posted 4km access road, which leads to the recreation site.

Another route to Ghost Lake is via Likely (about 90km). The 8400 Road (Cariboo Lake Road) from Likely leads north past Cariboo Lake, and eventually connects up with the 3100 Road. Follow this to the Ghost Lake turnoff (signed), turn right and drive another 4km to the recreation site. The park can also be accessed from the McBride Valley via the Castle Creek Forest Service Road, which leads up Castle Creek and ends about 5km from the park boundary.

Cariboo Mountains Park can also be accessed from Quesnel Lake by boat or along logging roads. However, no trails link Bowron Lake and Wells Gray Parks to Cariboo Mountains Park.

Please refer to the Cariboo Forest Region Recreation Map (East) published by the Ministry of Forests for more information. For map information, refer to topographic map numbers: 1:50, 000 92A/16, 92A/15, and 92A/9.