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Trembleur Lake Park is located on the north side of the lake approximately 9 km west of the Middle River. The nearest community is Fort St. James.

UTM Zone 10: 356500E – 6077500N (NTS map reference: 93K/14) 

NTS map references:

  • Stuart Lake – 93K/7, 93K/8, 93K/9, 93K/10, 93K/11
  • Tachie River – 93K/10 & 93K/15
  • Trembleur Lake – 93K14 & 93K/15
  • Middle River – 93K/14
  • Takla Lake – 93M/1, 93M/8, 93M/9, 93N/3, 93N/4, 93N/5