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The park lies west of Lytton and approximately 185 km southwest of Kamloops or 290 km northeast of Vancouver, both via Highway 1. 

The main trailhead is located on the west side of the Fraser River by Lytton, accessed by crossing the Lytton Ferry. The ferry is usually closed for periods from late May to early July because of high water. Check the Drive BC website before heading out. After disembarking from the ferry, follow the road to the right for 4.8 km to the junction with the Stein Valley Road (marked). Turn left and follow it to the parking lot.

The park boundary follows the watershed boundary for approximately 195 km along a continuous line of summits and ridges.

Alternative access to the main Stein Valley trailhead is available via the Westside Road south from Lillooet, on the west side of the Fraser River. This is a slow two to three hour drive on a rough dirt road. There is also a pedestrian walkway along the CN railway bridge that crosses the Fraser River south of Lytton. The trailhead is roughly 8 km north from the west end of the bridge. Other trailheads for accessing the park are located at Lizzie Lake, Blowdown Pass and Texas Creek.

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