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Access to the Mt. Kobau site is via Kobau Lookout FSR, which is 10.75km west of the intersection of Hwys 97 and 3 (Osoyoos).

Access to the South Kilpoola and East Chopaka sites is via Kruger Mountain Road, which is 6.75km west of the intersection of Hwys 97 and 3 (Osoyoos).

The four sites that make up the South Okanagan Grasslands are in the Richter Pass 9 km west of Osoyoos on Hwy 3. They are separated by both crown and private land. The Mt. Kobau site is at mid to high elevation and roughly bounded by Tinhorn Creek in the northeast, Cawston Creek in the northwest and Hwy 3 in the south. Chopaka West is centered on Little Chopaka Mountain and roughly bounded by the Similkameen River, Nighthawk Road and the international border. Chopaka East encompasses Black Mountain from Richter Lake to the international border. The Kilpoola Lake valley separates Chopaka East from the Kilpoola site, which encompasses Kruger Mountain. These locations are very general, the boundaries between protected area and private land are irregular.