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Total number of campsites
Total reservable frontcountry sites: 169
Total vehicle-accessible sites: 178
Total groupsites: 1
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All campsite and group camping reservations must be made through the BC Parks reservation service. When reservations are not available, all campsites are available on a first come, first served basis.


Campsite reservations are accepted and first come, first served sites are also available. To learn about booking a reservation, see the frontcountry camping page.


Group campsite reservations are accepted at this park. To learn about booking a groupsite, see the group camping page. 


Your reservation is held until 11am the day after your scheduled arrival. If you do not occupy your site by this time, your reservation is cancelled. All fees are forfeited, and the park operator makes the site available for other visitors.

Group camping

There is one group campsite available at Hicks Lake. This groupsite is separated from other campsites and it can accommodate 15 to 40 people. There is a covered shelter available but there are no barbeque attachments on the picnic tables.

For more information on groupsites, see the group camping page. 

Youth group camping is available for parties of at least 12 people. To qualify, your party must be associated with a school, recreation centre, or non-profit youth organization located in B.C. Youth group camping charges per night are $1 per person (six years of age and older), with a $50 minimum and $150 maximum. 

Regular group camping charges per night are $80 per night, plus $5 per adult (16 and older) and $1 per child (six to 15). There is a minimum charge for 15 adults. Children under six camp for free.

Vehicle-accessible camping

Sasquatch Park offers vehicle-accessible campsites. Campsite reservations are accepted and first come, first served sites are also available. To learn about making a reservation, see the frontcountry camping page.


There are three campgrounds at this park: Hicks Lake, Bench, and Lakeside (Deer Lake). There are no pull-through or double sites available. Campsites have tent pads and are located among trees.


A maximum of two vehicles can be parked at a campsite. There is no parking available for extra vehicles. 


If you have a reservation, ask staff or check the reservation board (at the entrance of each campground) to locate your campsite.

For first come, first served camping, ask staff to help you find a site. If no staff are a available, find a campsite with no ticket number on the post. Staff will come by to collect camping fees.

There is no gate house and the gate is not locked during the camping season.


Hicks Lake, Lakeside (Deer Lake), and Bench campgrounds
Vehicle-accessible camping$23 per party per night
BC Senior Camping Discount rate (day after Labour Day to June 14 only)$11.50 per senior party per night
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Accessibility information

Accessibility information is available for these areas of the park:

Drinking water

Cold-water taps are located throughout Lakeside (Deer Lake) and Bench campgrounds. There are hand pumps at Hicks Lake and Bench campgrounds. The only day-use area with water taps is Green Point.


An adventure playground is located in Lakeside (Deer Lake) Campground.  

Boat launch

Sasquatch Park has boat launches at Hicks Lake, Green Point, and Deer Lake. All boat launches are single wide. There is a marina nearby to moor boats overnight. Boats can be left in the water or beached overnight at the owners’ risk.   

There are ‘dead slow’ speed restrictions near the boat launches and swimming areas.

Hicks Lake

Hicks Lake day-use area has a paved boat launch. Motors with a maximum of 10 horsepower are allowed.

Green Point

Green Point day-use area has a paved boat launch, which is open all year.

Deer Lake

Deer Lake has a gravel, car-top boat launch. Only electric motors are permitted.

Harrison Lake

There are no motor restrictions for boating on Harrison Lake. This is the only area of the park where waterskiing and windsurfing are available.

Trout Lake

Motor boats are not permitted on Trout Lake.


A sani-station is available at Sasquatch Park during the collecting season. It is located on the main park road between Trout Lake and the turnoff to Hicks Lake Campground. There is a $5 per-discharge fee.


Campfires are permitted only in the fire rings provided at each campsite. Firewood can be purchased in the park or you may bring your own wood. 

Limited burning hours or campfire bans may be put in place when the risk of forest fires is high. No campfires are permitted in the day-use areas.

We encourage visitors to conserve wood and protect the environment by minimizing the use of fire and using camping stoves instead. 

To preserve vegetation and ground cover, please do not gather firewood from the area around your campsite or anywhere else in the park (this is a ticketable offence under the Park Act ). Dead wood is an important habitat element for many plants and animals and it adds valuable organic matter to the soil.

Picnic areas

Sasquatch Park features day-use areas in Hicks Lake and Lakeside (Deer Lake) campgrounds, which are ideal for picnicking. The Green Point day-use area has picnic tables and a parking area. There are grassy regions at Green Point on Harrison Lake and the Hicks Lake day-use areas. The beaches are sandy at Hicks Lake and Deer Lake, and rocky at the Green Point area.  

There are barbeque attachments on the picnic tables. Bring your own barbeque and briquettes. There are no fire pits and open fires are not permitted in day-use areas. 

There is a beach area open to off-leash dogs near the boat launch areas. The Deer Lake campground has a playground on the beach. The day-use areas are accessible by foot if the gate is locked. The nearest stores are at Harrison Hot Springs.

Pit or flush toilets

There are pit toilets throughout Sasquatch Park, including at the campgrounds. Flush toilets are available at the Green Point day-use area.

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Sasquatch Park has two easy hiking trails and one interpretive trail:

  • Hicks Lake Trail is approximately four-kilometre return with an estimated hiking time of one-and-a-half hours. 
  • Deer Lake Trail, which does not go all around the lake, is approximately two kilometres return. 
  • Beaver Pond Interpretive Trail is an approximately 500m loop.

For your own safety and the preservation of the park, obey posted signs and keep to designated trails. Taking shortcuts destroys plant life and soil structure.


There are no lifeguards on duty at BC Parks.

Swimming areas are provided at a few areas in the Sasquatch Park. These areas are marked by buoys. Deer and Hicks Lake are relatively warm during the summer but Harrison Lake can be cool. Hicks lake and Deer Lake have sandy beaches, while Harrison Lake has a rocky beach. High winds can come up quickly on Harrison Lake.

Swimmer’s itch may be present in Deer Lake and Hicks Lake. For more information on swimmer’s itch and other swimming-related health risks, see the staying safe page.


Canoeing is welcome at this park. There is no canoe or kayak-specific camping available.


There is freshwater fishing for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and brook char. Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.

Interpretive programs

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC has a fun, hands-on, Learn to Fish Program that teaches basic angling skills to youth under 16 years old. Contact the park operator for information.

Wildlife viewing

There are wildlife viewing opportunities available on the Beaver Pond Trail. Please keep your distance when viewing animals.

For more information on viewing animals, see the wildlife safety page.

Pets on leash

Inside the boundaries of Sasquatch Park, domestic animals must be leashed at all times. Pets are allowed to be off-leash only when they are swimming. Pets are not allowed in picnic areas, on beaches, or in park buildings. 

We do not recommend bringing pets into the backcountry as this can create conflicts with wildlife. Please do not leave pets unattended. You are responsible for your pet’s behaviour and must dispose of their excrement.

In the Green Point day-use area, dogs are allowed on-leash only, in areas indicated on the Green Point dog rules map [PDF]. On-leash dogs are permitted at Hicks Lake on the east side of the boat launch and Deer Lake on the south side of the boat launch. 



Bicycles must keep to roadways within Sasquatch Provincial Park. In particular, bicycles with electric assist motors (e-bikes) are not allowed on the trails. E-bikes are restricted to park roads and areas where motorized use is permitted. The only exception to this policy is for authorized and identified trail maintenance bikes conducting work on behalf of BC Parks.

Bicycle helmets are mandatory in British Columbia.


There are waterskiing opportunities available on Harrison Lake.


There are windsurfing opportunities available on Harrison Lake.