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Netalzul Meadows is not easily accessible. Travel time off Highway 16 is approximately one and a half to two hours and includes 140 km of mostly unpaved, narrow roads and 1 km of hard to follow trails. Once in the park, thick undergrowth and tall meadow plants make for difficult travel.

Netalzul Meadows is accessed via the Upper Fulton (3000) Forest Service Road, off Babine Lake Road. At km 51 of the Upre Fulton (3000) FSR, turn onto an unarked road on the right. This rough road ends at a creek crossing. There is a parking area and an ATV trail leading to the Camp Lake. The ATV trail continues northwest into an old cutblock with substantial regrowth. Experience with a map and compass or a GPS will be needed to navigate through the cutblock and into the meadow.