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From the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1), turn west on Boston Bar Station Road, where a big sign directs traffic to North Bend.

Turn right on Chaumox Road and cross the bridge to the west side of the Fraser River, and stay on Chaumox Road. Chaumox Road turns into Nahatlatch Forest Service Road about 10.5 km out of North Bend.

The park entrance is located on Nahatlatch Road approximately 26.5 km northwest of Boston Bar. It is identified with a park information shelter.

To Nahatlatch, zeroed from the intersection of Chaumox Road and North Bend Station Road:

0 kmChaumox Road at North Bend Station Road
9.2 kmRoad junction, keep left (park’s directional sign)
10.6 kmRoad junction, keep right (park’s directional sign); road turns into Nahatlatch Forest Service Road
13 kmRoad to the right to private property and river access; stay on the main road.
15 kmCross 4 Barrel Mainline Road (to REO Rafting Resort) and Keefers Road, then keep left at the fork.
23.7 kmRoad junction, keep left (Kookpi Creek Forest Service Road)
24.1 kmContinue Straight. (Log Creek Bridge and Forest Service Campsite, Log Creek Forest Service Road.)
25.6 kmFrances Lake Campsite (entering Provincial Park)
26.9 kmHannah Lake Campsite
26.6 kmRanger Station Campsite
29.5 kmNahatlatch Lake Campsite
31 kmSalmon Beach Campsite
31.1 kmRough Boat Launch Area
33.5 kmSquakum Creek Campsite
35 kmHigh Bench Lookout
40.2 kmRoad to river and old trapper’s cabin and REO rafting take out
41.1 kmContinue Straight
42 kmFRBC Road, salmon spawning area, new gate
42.4 kmContinue Straight
42.5 kmBridge over Tachewana Creek
43 kmRoad hard left down to creek, another road possible to river
44 kmContinue Straight
46.2 kmContinue Straight
48.8 kmGated bridge over Nahatlatch River, trail to Mehatl Creek falls from log sort
49.2 kmAfter crossing the bridge, turn left to get to Grizzly Falls (2 km to falls)