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Monckton Nii Luutiksm Conservancy is only accessible by boat, floatplane or helicopter and is located about 30 km SW of Hartley Bay and 105 km SW of Kitimat. It is located along the southwest end of Pitt Island, along the east side of Principe Channel.

  • Reference: Marine Charts #3721 (Plans Pitt Island); #3741 (Otter Passage to Bonilla Island); #3742 (Otter Passage to McKay Reach); #3945 (Approaches to Douglas Channel).
  • Reference: 1:50,000 scale Topographic Maps #103 H/4 (Trutch Island) and #103 H/5 (Port Stephens).

Visitor Information Centre: 

Kitimat Visitor Information Centre 
PO Box 214 
2109 Forest Avenue 
Kitimat, BC, Canada   V8C 2G7 
phone: 250-632-6294 or 1-800-664-6554