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Located northwest of Kamloops, there are two main ways to reach Lac du Bois Grasslands protected area by vehicle (refer to the map in the brochure):

  • A: Lac du Bois Road in the east takes the visitor through the full sweep of the grasslands. From the intersection of Fortune Drive and Tranquille Road, take 8th Street north through two sets of traffic lights. At the overpass, move into the left-hand lane and turn straight ahead up the hill between the subdivisions. At the cattle guard the surface changes to gravel and is a good, but narrow, well-traveled road. Expect to meet logging trucks and school buses.
  • B: In the west, Tranquille-Criss Creek Forest Service Road (also known as Red Lake Road) rises steeply to the Dewdrop Range and the deep canyon of Tranquille Valley. From the intersection of Fortune Drive and Tranquille Road, follow Tranquille Road past the airport towards Tranquille. Turn right over the railway tracks and around the fields before crossing the Tranquille River and going up the long, gradual hill. At the sharp blind 180 degree turn, there are two choices: go straight ahead to Dewdrop Flats and the red lava cliffs of Dewdrop Range, or go around the corner and up the hill to follow the spectacular Tranquille canyon. Expect to meet logging trucks and other local traffic.

Two other roads give vehicle access to the protected area, each leading into a different type of scenery:

  • Long Lake Road: From the ATV area on the Lac du Bois Road, Long Lake Road winds its way through the grasslands to the forests past rolling hills and small ponds. It is a narrow, dirt track, steep in places. Closed during winter and spring break-up or during adverse conditions that would affect the stability of the road.
  • Dairy Creek Road: To get to the north edge of the protected area, take this logging road that runs through Douglas fir forest and beside deeply entrenched streams. It can be reached by following Westsyde Road. It is a narrow, gravel road steep in places. An alternative route when weather conditions permit. It connects to the north end of the Long Lake Road and eventually connects to the Lac du Bois Road. There are many junctions along the way so a good map is essential.

The road lying to the west of Wheeler Mountain is deeply rutted and partly washed out in places. It is not recommended for public use.

Vehicle access is limited to only those roads shown on the map; all other trails are closed to motorized vehicles. Not all roads are passable by two-wheel drive, low-clearance vehicles and weather conditions may severely change driving conditions.