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Ḵ’uuna Gwaay Conservancy is located on the northeast coast of Louise Island, about 35 km southeast of the community of Sandspit. It is part of an archipelago-wide system of protected areas that includes Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, several provincial parks and ecological reserves, and ten other heritage site/conservancies. In total half of the land base of Haida Gwaii is now in protected status.

It includes numerous small unnamed islands and a portion of Heming Head on Talunkwan Island. The terrestrial component of the conservancy covers 2,104 hectares. The elevation range is from sea level to 993 metres.

A marine component and foreshore area covers an additional area of 13,155 hectares. The adjacent islands of Reef, Skedans, Limestone, Low, and South Low, and is recommended for protection as part of the conservancy. If and when this addition is completed, this management plan will provide direction to the marine areas as well.