Kokanee Glacier Park: Hiking

On this page you'll find a list of Kokanee Glacier’s various camping areas and the trails that meander through the park.

Trail Conditions Report [PDF]

Easy hikes

Gibson Lake Trailhead loop trail

Easy 2.5 km, on hour return hike, elevation at the trailhead is 1,536 metres. Trail access is from Hwy 3A, 19 km north of Nelson. 

Follow the gravel road for 16 km to the parking lot at Gibson Lake. Amenities include picnic tables, pit toilet, a day-use shelter and fishing. There are great views of surrounding peaks and old mine workings. Camping and fires are not allowed.

Kokanee Lake to Kaslo Lake

This is an easy 3 km hike; approximately 1.5 hours; elevation gain 40/100 metres. 

Facilities include 8 tent pads, pit toilet, bear-proof food cache, cooking centre and a grey water pit. There is fishing in Keen, Garland and Kaslo Lakes and beautiful alpine meadows, This is a fragile area, so please stay on the trails and camp only on the constructed tent pads. 

Woodbury Creek to Sunset Lake

Easy, 3 km, 1.5 hours, elevation gain 193 metres. 

Hike for 2 km up the Scranton Mine Road to the trail. Enjoy the scenic views while fishing. Camping and fires are not allowed.

Moderate hikes

Gibson Lake to Kokanee Glacier Cabin/ Slocan Chief Cabin

Moderate, 8 km to Kokannee Glacier, 9.3 km to Slocan Chief, approximately 4 hours, elevation gain/loss: 590/100 metres. 

Stay on the trails and camp only on constructed tent pads to protect the fragile vegetation.

Gibson Lake to Kokanee Lake

Moderate, 4.5 km, 2 hours, elevation gain: 445 metres. 

While fishing, watch for marmots and pikas along the side of Kokanee Lake. Camping at this lake and feeding of any animals in the park is prohibited.

Kaslo Lake (north end) to the Slocan Chief Cabin

Moderate, 1.3 km; .5 hours; this hike has an elevation gain of 105 metres.

Enterprise Creek to Slocan Chief Cabin

Moderate, 10.2 km, 5 hours, elevation gain: 759/107 metres, elevation at the trailhead 1, 340. 

Trail is accessed from Hwy 6, 14.5 km north of Slocan City via Enterprize Creek FSR, however, this is closed at 5 km. Hike or bike the remaining 8 km to the parking lot. Follow the logging road for 13 km (straight ahead at the forks — don't cross the creek) to the parking lot and trailhead.

Enterprise Creek to Tanal Lake

This trail is no longer regularly maintained. Moderate, 6.4 km, 3 hours, elevation gain: 409 metres. 

Good fishing is offered. Facilities include 2 tent pads, pit toilet, grey water pit and bear-proof food cache.

Tanal Lake to Kaslo Lake

This trail is no longer regularly maintained. Moderate, 2.5 km, 1.5 hours, elevation gain/loss is 245 metres/107 metres.

Enterprise Creek to Blue Grouse Basin

Moderate, 6.4 km, 3 hours, elevation gain 540 metres. No facilities are provided.

Two trailheads are accessible from Hwy 31. Follow the logging road for 12 km to the Y-junction. Sunset Lake trailhead is at the junction. The trailhead to Woodbury Creek and Silver Spray cabins is 1 kilometre farther along the right fork.

Woodbury Creek To Woodbury Cabin

Moderate, 8 km, 4 hours, elevation gain: 762 metres, trailhead elevation: 1,321 metres. 

The 8-person cabin, built in 1984, is located north of Woodbury Glacier with a tenting area nearby.

Lemon Creek To The Slocan Chief

Moderate, 14.3 km, 7.5 hours. 

Access from Hwy 3A via 6 Mile Lakes Road to Lemon Creek FSR, turn right for approximately 4 km. This trail is semi-regularly maintained but may not be clear in some sections.

Lemon Creek to Sapphire Lakes

Moderate, 9.8 km, 5 hours, elevation gain: 950 metres. 

Facilities located at the east end of the lake include food cache, cooking centre, grey water pit and toilet. Some of the attractions are the old-growth forest, waterfalls and remnants of an old mine cabin. Camping is not allowed at Sapphire Lakes.

Sapphire Lakes, Lemon Pass, Kaslo Lake to Slocan Chief Cabin

Moderate, 4.5 km, 2.5 hours, elevation gain/loss: 105/320 metres.

Difficult hikes

Woodbury Creek Trailhead to Silver Spray Cabin Trail

Difficult, 7 km, 5 hours, elevation gain: 1,016 metres. 

This trail is steep with many switchbacks. The 10-person cabin, built in 1994, is located south of Sunrise Mountain with a tenting area nearby. The area is rich in mining history and flower meadows.