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K’mooda/Lowe-Gamble Conservancy is only accessible by float plane or helicopter and is located approximately 20 km NW of Hartley Bay and 75 km SW of Kitimat. It is located about 5 km NE from the south end of Grenville Channel. The conservancy adjoins Lowe Inlet Marine Park to the west and Alty Conservancy to the northeast.

  • Reference: 1:50,000 scale Topographic Maps #103 H/6 (Hartley Bay), #103 H/11 (Kitkiata Inlet) and #103 H/12 
    (Lowe Inlet).
  • Reference: Use marine chart #3946 (Grenville Channel) for accessing Lowe Inlet.

Visitor Information Centre

Kitimat Visitor Information Centre 
PO Box 214 
2109 Forest Avenue 
Kitimat, BC, Canada   V8C 2G7 
phone: 250-632-6294 or 1-800-664-6554