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Kitwanga Mountain Park is located in the Nass Range near Kitwanga. To access the park from Highway 16 turn north onto Highway 37 at Kitwanga and cross the bridge spanning the Skeena River. Turn left off the highway after 1 km and drive west along the back road to Cedarville. In 1 km there is a bridge and in another 2.5 km the road crosses Mill Creek. Once across, it makes a sharp left turn before bearing right to climb up a hill. Near the top, less than 1 km from Mill Creek, take the side road to the right. This road is rough and can only be driven by a 4x4 vehicle or ATV. Follow this road for 2 km to a parking and turn around spot on the right. 

Do not drive beyond this point as the road narrows and there are no further turn around points. If you drive further you will have to back down a steep and twisting road. From the parking area, walk up the old road, ignoring an overgrown side road to the left. After a marshy patch the road ends and the trail begins.