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Kamdis Conservancy is located on the eastern side of Masset Inlet, on Kumdis and Graham islands, Haida Gwaii, between the communities of Masset and Port Clements. It is part of an archipelago-wide system of protected areas that includes Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site, several provincial parks, ecological reserves, and ten other heritage site/conservancies. In total, half of the land base of Haida Gwaii is now in protected status.

The terrestrial part of the conservancy consists of four discrete sites linked by a marine protected area. This complex lies in a linear north-south direction along Highway 16. It covers approximately a 20 kilometre stretch of Kumdis Slough and the eastern bank of Masset Sound. The terrestrial component of the conservancy covers 1,896 hectares. The elevation range is from sea level to 114 metres.

The marine component and foreshore area covers an area of 826 hectares. The marine foreshore area helps protect an internationally significant intertidal estuarine wetland complex. The intertidal shallows contain extensive eelgrass beds, and the intertidal marshes are dominated by sedges, rushes and grasses. Much of the area is exposed at low tide, and the resulting sheltered and productive habitats are important migration, rearing and feeding areas for many wildlife species using the area.