Juan De Fuca Park: Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is designed as a wilderness hiking trail. Hiking conditions are always changing and hikers should obtain up-to-date information before proceeding on a hike by checking the trailhead information shelters. There will be ongoing construction and upgrading projects on the trail for a number of years.

Trail safety

  • Check trail closures and safety advisories for Juan de Fuca Provincial Park before setting off.
  • Please stay on designated trails, avoid shortcuts and respect the delicate vegetation and natural and cultural features. 
  • Due to potential for problems with bears and cougars and other wildlife issues, it is recommended that pets be left at home.
  • Hikers are advised to leave a plan of their trip, including which trail they are hiking, and arrival and departure times with a friend or relative.
  • Trail conditions may change quickly depending on the weather. Be prepared for muddy and wet sections. Creeks may be difficult to cross after heavy rains.
  • Be prepared with appropriate outerwear and footwear for wet weather, foggy and slippery conditions. Carry adequate supplies to allow for an emergency on day or multi-day hikes.


There are four trailheads to the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail at Juan de Fuca East (China Beach), Sombrio Beach, Parkinson Creek and Botanical Beach. Day and multi-day hiking trips can begin at any of these trailheads, which also offer many day-use opportunities.



Bear-proof food caches are available at the Mystic Beach, Chin Beach, Bear Beach, Sombrio Beach, Little Kuitsche Creek and Payzant Creek campsites. If caches are full, it may be necessary for visitors to rig their own food cache. Cache food out of reach of animals. Plan to pack out what you pack in. Do not put garbage in pit toilets – it attracts bears.


Some sections of the trail are impassable at high tide. Check maps posted at each trailhead for location. Tide tables are posted at trailheads and available at local bookstores. Use Canadian Tide Tables “Port Renfrew” section. Remember to use the PDT (Pacific Daylight Savings Time) for tidal times during March to November as Daylight Savings Time is in effect. Visitors should reference a local tide table prior to hiking the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. 

Trail upgrades

Hikers can expect to see a number of new trail facilities (bridges, boardwalk, stairs) installed between Mystic Beach and Chin Beach. A series of ladders have been installed on the section of trail between Mystic Beach and Bear Beach. Ladders may be challenging for some hikers, especially those traveling with pets.