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Vehicle-accessible camping

There are no vehicle-accessible camping facilities at this park. However, just outside of the protected area there are three large, level campsites with fire rings as well as an old outhouse and boat launch. These are Forest Service recreation sites and may not meet BC Parks standards.

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Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden, some as big as 2 kg, are caught in Greenbush Lake. Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.

Pets on leash

Pets and domestic animals must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed in beach areas or park buildings. You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement. Backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs or other pets due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears.

Horseback riding

Horses and horseback riding are permitted.


Hunting is allowed in the protected area. Please check the BC Hunting and Trapping Regulations for more details.