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Located at the east end of Francois Lake, Francois Lake Park is approximately 12 km from Highway 16, southwest of Fraser Lake. 
From Fraser Lake, head west on Hwy 16 for 3.3 km and turn left onto the Francois Lake Road. Follow this for 7.2 km and turn left onto the Nithi Road. Follow this for 1.8 km and turn right onto Dahlgren Road. Follow this road for 4.4 km around the east end of Francois Lake to the campsite. 
From Burns Lake, drive east along Hwy 16 to Endako. On the east side of Endako, head south on the Endako Mine Road to the Francois Lake Road. Turn left on this road, follow it through Glennanan, over the Stellako River, and 2.75 km further to the Nithi Road. See the directions above for Fraser Lake for the rest.