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Wilderness camping

Wilderness camping is allowed; no facilities are provided. Winter camping is also allowed, there are no facilities provided and winter campers must be experienced and be avalanche-aware.

This park has hiking and/or walking trails:
  • Fang Trail: 6 km hiking trail, access to alpine lakes. The caves are accessible by an alternate fork which continues along the ridge above the bowl.
  • Torpy Trail: 1.5 km hiking trail, access to small alpine lake from high elevation forest road east of Pass Lake.

For your own safety and the preservation of the park, obey posted signs and keep to designated trails. Shortcutting trails destroys plant life and soil structure.

Wildlife viewing

There is no viewing platform but the park has a high grizzly habitat and is protection of a complex of caves.


There are spelunking opportunities. Spelunkers must be experienced as caving area is hazardous and dangerous.


Hunting is allowed in the park during the open season. Please check the BC Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis for more information.

Winter recreation

Snowmobilers access the park from the Upper Torpy Road and then through a logging block up to the south boundary. Please see snowmobile boundary map [PDF] to see where recreational snowmobiling is permitted. It is very likely that open areas in high country are also used by mountain caribou. If wildlife of any kind is encountered please do not approach, shut down your machines and give animals the chance to move away. Avalanche training is strongly recommended for all winter recreational users to recognize and avoid avalanche terrain. It is important to be prepared with emergency and first aid equipment and the knowledge how to use it as distances are great and the area is isolated. The winter climate can be severe and unforgiving with weather conditions changing quickly.