Elk Falls Park: Hiking

Elk Falls Suspension Bridge and Upper Day-Use Area trails

Accessed from the top of general hill off of Hwy 28, this area provides spectacular views of the parks name sake Elk Falls and has a number of loop trails and viewpoints throughout. Visitors should leave at least between 1 to 3 hours for a visit to this area. Please adhere to all posted safety information in this area and stay on designated trails.

The primary attractions here include the following.

The Elk Falls suspension bridge and viewpoint areas

A short, 800 metre hike on easy trails allows for access to the suspension bridge and north and south viewing areas. Some stairs a required to access the suspension bridge and south viewpoint. Watch a short video below to get a glimpse of the Elk Falls suspension bridge.

Watch a short video below about the building of the Elk Falls suspension bridge.

Old-growth loop trails

Many of the parks iconic old-growth forest areas (Western red cedar, Douglas-fir) are located above Elk Falls. These forest areas were spared from early logging and the 1938 Sayward Fire.

Riverside trail

This trail meanders along the very dynamic upper Campbell River, above Elk Falls. There are riverside hazards and slippery areas throughout this area of the park; please use caution on riverside and areas.

Canyon View Loop trail

This 4km loop trail can be accessed directly across from the Quinsam Campground, along Hwy 28, or by parking at the BC Hydro public parking area at John Hart. This river side loop trail is includes an impressive bridge crossing the lower canyon. This is a very popular walking, jogging and anglers access trail. It also includes riverside areas with salmon spawning and rearing habitat channels and several viewpoints. The Millennium Trail can be accessed from the Canyon View Trail just upstream from the BC Hydro Property and the Canyon View pedestrian bridge.

Millennium trail

This 2.5km trail can be accessed from the upper or lower areas of the park. It runs between Elk Falls Upper day-use area trail network and suspension bridge and the Canyon View Loop Trail. It parallels the Campbell River along the canyon route, offering excellent views of the waterfall and the mature forest, containing some old-growth Douglas fir. This trail links with the Canyon View Trail just upstream from the John Hart hydro station at the junction of the Canyon View pedestrian bridge.

Quinsam River – Riverside Access Trails

Approximately 2km of rustic trails follow along the Quinsam River above the Quinsam Campground. These trails have been subject to extreme flood events and are located in an active flood plain. Some areas are in very poor condition. Users are encouraged to exercise caution along all riverside areas. These areas are popular for the many anglers using the Quinsam river over the course of a year. The Quinsam River salmon hatchery can be accessed on trials above the Argonaut road.

Beaver Pond / Kingfisher Trail

This 1km rustic trail This trail parallels wetlands and leads from the campground back toward the Campbell River and Hwy 28. Visitors can spot beavers and marsh birds along this trail. On the other side of Hwy 28 this trail connects with the Canyon View Trail and a fish ladder viewpoint. Use caution crossing this busy highway. Downstream from the fish ladder will lead you back to the campground; head upstream to follow the Canyon View Trail and Millennium Trail.