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The park is located approximately 170 km south of Williams Lake in south central BC. It is situated just west of Clinton, and north of Lillooet. The park can be accessed via Kelly Lake Road off Highway 97. It is adjacent to Marble Range Park. The Jesmond Road corridor separates the two parks. The closest communities, towns and cities are Clinton, 100 Mile House and Ashcroft.

Two roads access Edge Hills Park. The High Bar Road enters from Jesmond Road. Some sections of this road are rough and steep, and four-wheel drive vehicles are essential in wet weather. Visitor use of this road is not recommended beyond the lookout at Cougar Point because the road is extremely steep beyond this point. The Cavanagh Creek Road enters from Pear Lake, and is extremely rough, providing only limited motorized access to the height of land. There is no public motorized access beyond this point. ATV, motorcycle, and snowmobile use is prohibited on this road and beyond, except under permit.

Off-road driving in any type of motor vehicle is prohibited at Edge Hills Park. Grasslands are very susceptible to erosion as the delicate lichen crust that protects them can take over ten years to recover from the passage of even one vehicle.

Topographical map numbers: 1:50,000 92P/4, 92I/13, and 92I/14 apply to the park. These are available from most map dealers and some outdoor gear retailers in BC.