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There are three main access points to Cowichan River Park, Skutz Falls road (West access), Highway 18 Connector (middle access), and Robertson road (South East access).

Skutz Falls road (West access)

Located off Highway 18, Skutz Falls Road provides access to Skutz Falls day-use area, Horseshoe Bend group campsite, Marie Canyon day-use area and the Skutz Falls trailhead of the Cowichan River trail. Follow signs from Skutz Falls road via Cowichan Lake road and Mayo road to Riverbottom road.

Highway 18 Connector (Middle Access)

Located off Highway 18, the Highway 18 Connector provides access to the Stoltz Pool campground, group campsite and day-use areas. Follow signs to Riverbottom road.

Robertson road (South East access)

Located on Robertson road in the Glenora area south of Duncan. To access this point proceed west on Glenora road, turn right onto Vaux road and continue down Vaux road, as it leads into Robertson road. This provides access to the Glenora trailhead of the Cowichan River trail.