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Located 15 km southwest of Cache Creek. Access is from the TransCanada Hwy 1. When you are 17 km south of Cache Creek turn at Hat Creek Road. At 13 km, take the turn to the Three Sisters Forestry Recreation site and continue up the forestry road. Note: The section of road near the forestry recreation site can be impassable during rainy periods due to deep mud holes.

To Cornwall Hills, zeroed from the Highway #1 Hat Creek Road turn-off
0 kmTurn off Highway #1 at Hat Creek Road (7.5 km from Ashcroft)
8.4 kmIntersection, Go Straight Through.
13.0 kmJunction with Oregon Jack/Cornwall Hills roads. Go Right.
13.4 kmThree Sisters Forest Recreation Site
14.6 kmGo Straight. (Track to left takes you near Bedard Aspen – you must hike the last couple of kilometres in as the road ends in a meadow.)
21.4 kmLookout at the top of Cornwall.