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Although Big Creek Park is located only 100 km south-west of Williams Lake as the crow flies, there is no road access to the park boundary. Two routes link to trails into the park. They follow logging roads, so watch for industrial traffic and use headlights. Roads become very slippery when wet: four-wheel drive, shovel and tire chains are recommended.

Southern route

To access hiking and horse trails at Relay Creek and Tyaughton Creek, drive approximately 69 km on Carpenter Lake Road west of Lillooet. Turn right on Marshall Lake Road. Zero odometer here. Stay left at 3 km. At 11.6 km, stay right on to the Mud Creek Main Road.14.8 km, cross bridge. 17.5 km, stay left. 24.5 km, stay left. 25.6 km, cross bridge. 29.6 km, stay right. 36 km, cross bridge. 36.8 km, stay right. 41.2 km, turn left onto the Mud Creek – Paradise Creek Road. Drive down the hill to 43 km, Tyaughton Creek Forest Recreation Site. Turn right just past the recreation site. Do not take trailers onto this road. This road is not maintained and may be washed out at any point, proceed with caution. 52.7 km, stay left. 54.3 km, stay left. 54.9 km, stay left. 57.2 km, stay left. 57.7 km, cross small creek at the edge of a logging landing. It is not recommended taking two-wheel drive vehicles beyond this point. 64.7 km, stay left. 65 km, drive past the old mining camp. 66.3 km, Relay Creek Forest Service Recreation Site.

Northern route

Few park visitors use this access. However, there is a rough trail that parallels Big Creek, and which is best suited for horseback riding. Follow the logging road (2000 road) that leaves Highway 20 at Riske Creek. Travel to approximately 51 km, turn left onto the 2400 road. Stay on this road until you reach a green gate. Park here, follow the road approximately 2.5km past the gate, turn right and follow the old road/trail to Lorna Lake and the Dil-Dil Plateau.