Babine Mountains Park: Hiking trails

All distances and times are for one-way hiking.

Moderate trails

Silver King Basin Trail

(9.2km*, 2 to 3 hours one way, easy to moderate trail)

This trail is an old mining road that is an extension of the Driftwood Creek Road. It follows an easy grade for most of the way, emerging into the basin after 7 km. Hikers will enjoy the sub-alpine meadows of Silver King Basin, which are at peak bloom in mid-July. The Joe L’Orsa Cabin is reached at 8.5 km, and the trail continues on another 500m to the abandoned Silver King Mine. From here the Hyland Pass Trail climbs 1.3 km to Hyland Pass and then descends for 1 km to join the Cronin Creek Trail.

McCabe Trail

(10 km*, 3 to 4 hours one way, moderate trail)

Highly recommended for family and novice hikers, the McCabe Trail offers relatively easy access to the alpine. The trail departs the Silver King Trail immediately before Sunny Point. After ascending a steep mining road for 100m, the route narrows to an excellent trail on an easy grade. The trail travels along the north slopes of Harvey and Pyramid mountains, and passes Copper Lakes at 8.3 km. It continues upward and eastward until reaching “The Summit”.

Higgins Creek Trail

(5.5 km, 3 to 4 hours, moderate trail)

The Higgins Creek Trail departs the Cronin Creek Trail approximately 600m past the Cronin Creek crossing. This old road climbs the slopes above Higgins Creek to reach a historic mining camp and continues on to the head of the basin. The Eagle Pass Trail (2 km) can then be followed to join up with the Little Joe Creek Trail.

*From Driftwood Road summer parking area

Difficult trails

Lyon Creek Trail

Lyon Creek Trail map [PDF]

(11 km, 4 to 5 hours one way, moderate to difficult trail)

The trailhead is located 4 km past Driftwood Canyon Provincial Park. A steady climb leads hikers into the sub-alpine (1,475m). The trail is well defined and boardwalk spans several swampy sections. In the sub-alpine the grade eases, and hikers can enjoy the spectacular views of the Bulkley Valley and the Telkwa Range. The trail swings east as it descentds to cross Lyon Creek before traversing Ramrock Pass (1,660m). From this point, hikers descend into Ganokwa Basin. The trail then leads past two mountain lakes and climbs northeastward onto a grassy slope. Trail markers lead hikers to “The Summit”, the divide of the Ganokwa, Driftwood and Little Joe watersheds and the intersection of the Lyon Creek, Little Joe Creek, and McCabe Trails.

Little Joe Creek Trail

(8.4 km, 3 to 4 hours, moderate to difficult trail)

The trail begins from a parking lot accessible by turning left at 30.5 km on Babine Lake Road. It follows a moderate uphill grade along the north bank of Little Joe Creek for 4 km and emerges into an open basin. The Eagle Pass Trail (2 km) into Higgins Basin leaves the trail in this area. The Little Joe Creek Trail does not actually lead to the Little Joe Lakes but parallels above them to “The Summit”.

Cronin Creek Road/Trail

(15 km, 5 to 6 hours, moderate to difficult trail)

This gravel road departs Babine Lake Road at 32.5 km. It stays quite level for 10 km, at which point it leaves Cronin Creek and climbs steeply through a series of switchbacks for nearly 3 km. Along the way, visitors will see remnants of past mining operations. At 1,800m, the trail reaches a beautiful alpine environment on the northeast shoulder of Mt. Cronin. The trail continues west and ends near the picturesque Hyland Lakes. From here the Hyland Pass Trail (2.2 km) leads over Hyland Pass to meet up with the Silver King Trail at the abandoned Silver King Mine. 

Hyland Pass Trail

(1.5 km, 1 hour)

This trail serves as a connector between the Cronin Creek and Silver King Basin trails. The pass is the saddle between Mount Cronin and Mount Hyland, the two highest peaks in the park.

Harvey Mountain Trail

Harvey Mountain Trail map [PDF] 

(5 km, 2 hours one way, moderate to difficult trail)

The trailhead is located 1km south of the Silver King Trail parking lot. A steady climb takes hikers into an open alpine hillside with views of Silver King Basin, Hudson Bay Mountain, and the Bulkley Valley. A short hike through the alpine leads to the summit of Harvey Mountain (1,744m).

Fletcher-Gardner Trail

(13.5 km*, 4 to 5 hours one way, difficult trail)

This trail is most enjoyable as an overnight hike to Lower Reiseter (Two Bridge) Lake. The first half of the trail is an old cat-track, while the second half is a single-track trail that ends at the lake. An alluvial fan located 100m along the southern shore of the lake provides an ideal campsite. This is a user maintained site. Please pack out what you pack in. The lake provides fishing opportunities for small Rainbow trout.

Onion Mountain Road/Trail

(8.6 km, 3 to 4 hours, difficult trail)

This road/trail leaves Old Babine Lake Road 3.5 km northwest of the Babine Lake Road junction. It provides easy access to the open meadows of Ganokwa Basin, a special attraction in July when the meadows are in bloom. 

*From Driftwood Road summer parking area