Park Ranger careers

As a park ranger, you are directly responsible for delivering services that support the public’s use of the park system and protecting park values. 

Watch a short video below to learn more about working as a BC Park Ranger.

The hiring process

Job postings

Opportunities are posted on the B.C. government job postings website and follow the BC government hiring process.

Process for seasonal employment

  1. Meet minimum qualifications stated above and submit resume and questionnaire through B.C. government jobs site. Job postings can come out at any time throughout the year.
  2. Applicant screening and interviews will be conducted, followed by reference checks. Applicants will be notified of their status.
  3. Job offer. Includes fulfilling “Conditions of Employment” and successful completion of Enhanced Security Screening.
  4. Attend Park Ranger Training Bootcamp at a central location at the next scheduled opportunity. 

Park Ranger duties

Duties include daily maintenance and cleaning of facilities, regular repair, maintenance, and renovation of park facilities, and managing the public’s use of the parks. You monitor and maintain facility assets on a daily basis to ensure the park is in pristine repair for visitors. You may also be involved in monitoring and reporting on assigned recreation, conservation and extension services and activities within a park or group of parks. Representing BC Parks, you act as the field contact for park visitors and contractors by providing information and regulating activities. Dedicated to protecting park visitors and resources, you act as a Peace Officer to enforce compliance with the Park Act and other statutes and regulations. All this may include:

  • Constructing trails, installing and maintaining park signage, performing minor carpentry work and plumbing maintenance
  • Cleaning of park facilities and systems including campsites, toilet buildings, boardwalks, and other structures and furniture
  • Assisting in land examinations, surveying and mapping, and assisting in routine tasks relating to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of parks
  • Responding to park emergencies
  • Conducting compliance and enforcement of park regulations and laws that apply within parks
  • Recruiting seasonal staff as assigned
  • Coordinating and directing contracted projects
  • Maintaining Indigenous relations
  • Supervising work crews of volunteers or ranger staff to complete projects
  • Assessing and conducting required maintenance or repairs
  • Operating and maintaining major equipment, hand tools and power equipment
  • Monitoring and managing natural and cultural assets
  • Protecting visitor safety
  • Writing reports, letters, and compiling materials to assist in managing park priorities and decisions
  • Public consultation

Reporting structure

  • Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment
    • Assistant Deputy Minister, BC Parks and Conservation Officer Service Division
      • Executive Director, Regional Operations
        • Regional Director
          • Parks and Protected Areas Section Head
            • Area Supervisor
              • Senior Park Ranger (Full-time)
                • Park Ranger (Seasonal)

BC Parks regions

Park rangers work in all areas of the province, which is broken down into six regions:

  1. West Coast
  2. South Coast
  3. Thompson Cariboo
  4. Kootenay Okanagan
  5. North Coast Skeena
  6. Omineca Peace

Work hours and conditions

  • Average 35 hours per week
  • Evenings and weekend work required
  • Working in a wide variety of outdoor environments and weather conditions including overnight stays in tents, remote cabins and vessels


Park Ranger, Seasonal

Assistant 12R
$28.92-$32.64 hourly

Senior Park Ranger

STO 18
$34.09-$38.64 hourly

Area Supervisor

STO 24
$40.44-$46.07 hourly

Parks Section Head

STO 30
$48.27-$55.12 hourly

Mandatory training and certification

Educational Requirements

Applicants must meet one of the two following criteria:

  • Completed related degree or two-year diploma in an Outdoor Recreation Management or a Natural Resource Management related field (related field may include biology, geology, geography, recreational planning, outdoor recreation, forestry, fisheries, anthropology)
  • Secondary school graduation (or equivalent) and two years’ related experience (related experience may include park system operations, conservation, outdoor recreation, forestry, any earth sciences, recreation planning, public safety and enforcement)

Other requirements

  • Current and WorkSafeBC recognized Occupational First Aid Level 1, 2 or 3 Certificate
  • Valid B.C. Class 5 Driver’s Licence (or equivalent from another Canadian province; a B.C. Class 7L/7N, or other learner’s permit, are not considered equivalent)
  • Successful completion of Enhanced Security Screening, including fingerprint screening
  • Completion of BC Parks Law and Its Administration (BCIT PRKS 1010 or 0010 course). If you have already successfully completed the BCIT PRKS 3110/3120 courses, BCIT course 1010 is not required.
  • Firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence
  • Pleasure Craft Operator Card issued by Transport Canada
  • Successful candidates will be required to attend 15-day long training bootcamp at Manning Park in April-May

Requirements vary on a region-by-region basis.