Park operators

Many of our provincial parks’ facilities and services are managed by contractors known as park operators. Some park operators manage one park and others manage a group or bundle of parks in a specific region. The areas operated by park operators are still protected under the full authority of the Park Act. Park operators enter into legal Agreements with BC Parks to ensure these areas are managed in compliance with the Park Act and to established provincial standards. 

If a Park operator is currently managing a park or a bundle of parks, their contact information is provided on the park webpage, under Learn about this park.

Job opportunities

Job listings with park operators are available from the BC Society of Park Operators. To find out more, visit the Go Camping website

Information for park operators

Park operator extranet site (park operator use only - password protected)

This site contains technical information for BC Parks consultants and contractors involved in the delivery of their contract responsibilities, and for staff to aid delivery of their program management responsibilities.