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Park operators

Many of our provincial parks’ facilities and services are managed by contractors known as park operators. Some park operators manage one park and others manage a grouping or bundle of parks within a specific geographic location. The areas operated by park operators are still protected under the full authority of the Park Act. Park operators enter into legal Agreements with BC Parks to ensure these areas are managed in compliance with the Park Act and to established provincial standards. If a Park operator is currently managing a park or a bundle of parks, their business or contact information is provided on the park-specific web pages, on the left-hand side under the header Park Contact.

For more information about the park operators and their society, visit the Go Camping website. Please note, the Ministry of Environment (BC Parks) does not maintain this website and is not responsible for any of the content on the Go Camping website.

BC Parks Park Operator of the Year

BC Parks values the amazing contributions that volunteers and other community partners make every year, including park operators. To recognize outstanding contributions, BC Parks selects recipients for annual achievement awards for people and organizations that go above and beyond.

2019–2020 Park Operator of the Year: John Hiebert

John has worked at Peace Arch Park for the past 41 years. He became the park operator in 1998 and retired in October 2020 with a quiet COVID-safe luncheon. In that time John has seen many changes.  BC Parks went from delivering services using an own forces model to being operated by a private contractor. John has always been there to maintain continuity and operate the park.

Peace Arch Park is a truly unique park, showcasing manicured gardens and the historic Peace Arch at the Canada US border. The park servers as a welcome for travelers coming or returning to Canada, as well as a beautiful location for weddings and picnics. John maintained flawlessly manicured lawns, colorful flowerbeds, and spotless facilities for Park visitors to enjoy.  John worked with a sense of pride and ownership for the park. And, in a sense, it has been his life’s work.

Peace Arch Park is stunning because of the hard work and care that John has put it to it.   He has shared and stewarded that ethic with his staff. Over the years, in all the inspections, no fault has been found in the facility or park operations. The park has type-1 picnic tables that are over 30 years old because of his perfect maintenance. If you wanted someone to witness what facilities are supposed to look like at a BC Park, you would send the person to Peace Arch to view the standard to which we all strive to attain.

Over the years John has maintained a positive relationship with Semiahmoo First Nation.  At his retirement luncheon elders from Semiahmoo First Nation were able to show their gratitude for John and his role as a steward of their traditional territory by presenting him with a blanket ceremony.  It was profound and important to witness, and it showed how, with dedication, responsibility, and care that park operators are able to help bridge relationships between BC Parks and local First Nations.

John has been an invaluable resource at Peace Arch Park and because he has passed that ethic and knowledge on to his daughter Heather, BC Parks is set up for success at Peace Arch Park for the foreseeable future.

Previous winners

  • 2018: Quality Recreation
  • 2017: Sandstorm North Contracting
  • 2016: Mount Assiniboine Lodge Ltd.
  • 2015: Marnee Allison, Boya Lake Provincial Park

Information for park operators

Park operator extranet site (park operator use only)

Access to this website requires a password. It contains technical information for use by BC Parks consultants and contractors involved in the delivery of their contract responsibilities and staff involved in the delivery of their program management responsibilities.