BC Parks Volunteer Community

Volunteer in BC Parks!

Volunteers clearing trails in Koeye Conservancy
BC Parks volunteers maintaining a trail.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with BC Parks! The impact of the work conducted by volunteers in BC Parks is profound! We’re proud to partner with individuals, groups and organizations to collaborate on volunteer stewardship initiatives across the province.

BC Parks benefits tremendously from the contributions made by volunteers. Over 15% of BC’s land base makes up the over 1,030 provincial parks and protected areas, many of which are actively cared for by passionate individuals and groups who generously donate their time and energy.

If you are interested in learning more about these natural areas and meeting like-minded people who like to spend time in the great outdoors, there are numerous exciting ways to participate and share your knowledge and skills including taking part in:

    • Support conservation and recreation projects
    • Trail Maintenance
    • Learn new skills and share valuable skills and knowledge while making a positive impact
    • Work alongside BC Parks staff and other volunteers with similar values
    • Build friendships and community
    • Help conserve biodiversity
    • Take part in environmental restoration
    • Long term ecological monitoring & ecological inventories
    • Invasive plant control
    • Ecological reserve warden program
    • Park management and planning
    • Facility Restoration

For Ecological Reserve Warden opportunities, please visit Ecological Reserve Wardens to learn more about how you can become an ER warden.

Add us on Facebook and Instagram, and visit our Partner’s Page and BC Parks Blog to learn more ways to get involved in stewarding and enjoying the vast and beautiful network of provincial parks. Working together to ensure these precious places are well cared for is always a great way to spend time enjoying the great outdoors.

If you are an individual or group who is interested or currently volunteering in BC Parks and do not have a volunteer agreement please contact us at BCParks.Volunteers@gov.bc.ca.