Parks and Pets

Fido can't always be free - for good reason

At BC Parks, we love dogs! We just love all of the other animals too! To ensure all our visitors have an enjoyable stay and the unique cultural and natural resources that make up these special places are protected, we ask that you follow a couple guidelines when bringing your pet to a park. These guidelines help us balance our ability to provide recreation experiences for our furry friends, while maintaining enough undisturbed space for all our other feathered, furry, hairy, scaly and slimy friends.

Check the park webpage to determine whether pets are permitted where you intend to visit.

Frontcountry & Day-Use


Be responsible for your pet

Taking pets into the backcountry, especially dogs, is not recommended, and in some parks is not permitted. Here is good example to help understand why dogs are not recommended in the backcountry: A dog is disturbed if a stranger comes into their home, and wildlife who call our parks home can be disturbed when dogs comes into their home. Limiting domestic dogs in the backcountry helps ensure we can continue to conserve some of British Columbia’s rarest and most sensitive species.

While pets are part of our families, they can disturb other campers, foul trails and impact sensitive natural areas and wildlife. Dogs and bears mix like water and oil and when this happens it puts the dog owner at the greatest risk for human-wildlife conflict. Dogs can get hurt or stuck in technical terrain and even swept away in fast moving water, creating a stressful and dangerous situation for the dog owner and the dog. Park visitors have had to be rescued because of their dogs.

Dogs and other domestic animals are not permitted in the backcountry in:

Portions of the backcountry in other parks may also be restricted to dogs. Check the park webpage before heading out.