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Discover Camping Reservation System at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

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Reservation Call Centre:

1 800 689-9025 (Canada/US toll free)

1 778 371-0607 (International)

7am–7pm PT daily except Dec 25 and Jan 1

$5 surcharge per transaction

  • Reservations will be required for Joffre Lakes Provincial Park starting June 1, 2019 and then year-round. Visit the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park page to see the current park status and details.
Why do I need a reservation at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park?

In recent years, the demand for recreation camping in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park has increased significantly.

BC Parks has decided to implement a reservation system as a means to improve visitor experience and better protect park values, including the natural environment. This will ensure that all campers can be properly accommodated in the campground, and that camping is within the carrying capacity of the park and its facilities.

Reservations will also provide campers peace of mind knowing that they can plan ahead for their camping trips to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

When and where do I require a reservation at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park?

Reservations are required for all overnight stays in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. Camping is permitted only within the designated campground at Upper Joffre Lake.

Reservable dates and areas:

Campground/Area Name Inventory Reservable Dates
Upper Joffre Lake Campground 26 tent pads June 1, 2019 – year-round

For instructions on how to reserve see “How do I make a reservation for Joffre Lakes Provincial Park?” below and follow the steps.

When and where is a reservation not required?

As of June 1, 2019, reservations are required year-round.

What do reservations cost?

Backcountry camping fees:
$5.00 per person/night (persons 6 years of age and older)
Children under 6 years of age are free.

Reservation service charges:
$6 per tent pad/night (up to 4 people) to a maximum of $18 – This is in addition to backcountry camping fees.
If using the Call Centre service, an additional $5 surcharge applies.

How far in advance can I make reservations?

You can make a reservation up to 4 months in advance of your arrival date and all reservations must be made before 5 PM on your arrival date.  If you do not purchase before 5 PM the day of arrival, you will not be allowed to camp (there are no self-registration options at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park).

How do I make a reservation for Joffre Lakes Provincial Park?

There are two ways to make a reservation:

  • Online, 24 hours a day, once the inventory is available for booking

(For mobile devices, scroll to bottom of page and click “Switch to Full Site”)

  • Via the Call Centre (an additional $5 surcharge applies): 1-800-689-9025 (toll free Canada) +1-519-826-6850 (International) – 7 days per week 7:00 am-7:00 pm

Please note that the trailhead does not have cell coverage (or Wi-Fi). Pre-purchase your reservation before you arrive at the park!

Detailed steps:

    • Pick “Backcountry” as your reservation type for booking overnight stays in Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.
    • Pick your arrival date.
    • Select Joffre Lakes as your park.
    • Pick your party size and choose the number of tent pads your party requires (each tent pad can fit a maximum of 4 people and measures approximately 10’ X 10’ total).

The information you entered so far should be pre-populated.

    • Select “On a Map”, “In a List” or “On a Calendar”. Read the pop-up message and click “OK”.
    • Click “Reserve”.
    • Read and click the box to indicate you understood the messages.
    • Click "Continue".
    • Double check to ensure that the information is correct.
    • Click "Pay".
    • If you are a returning customer, log in, if you are a new customer, create an account.
    • Read and click to accept the messages.
    • Fill in the permit holder and camping party information.
    • Pay for your reservation and the applicable camping fees with your credit/debit card. Reservation charges will apply year-round.
    Helpful hints
    • For mobile devices, scroll to bottom of page and click “Switch to Full Site”.
    • You can search by “Map, Availability List or Calendar” to help you plan your itinerary.
    • Click on the green “star” on the map for more information about the camping location.
    • Reservation policies specific to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park can be found here:


    Summary table of Joffre Lakes Backcountry Campsites: Important Dates and Information
Campground/Area Name Dates Permit vs. Reservation Reservation vs. First-Come, First-Served Service Charge
Upper Joffre Lake Campground June 1, 2019 – year-round reservation required guaranteed a site $6.00 – $18.00*

*Reservation service charges:  $6 per tent pad/night (up to 4 people) to a maximum of $18. This is in addition to the camping fees. If using the Call Centre service, an additional $5 surcharge applies.

Do I need to show my reservation to anyone?

Yes, you will be asked by a Park Ranger or Park Operator to produce proof of your reservation. You must keep one copy of your reservation with you at all times.

You will also need to display a second copy of your reservation at your tent pad. It is helpful to bring a re-sealable plastic bag for this purpose.

Please note that failure to provide a reservation is an offence and is subject to eviction from the park and possible fines.

Can I reserve a specific tent pad?

Your reservation guarantees a place for all members of your party to stay, but not a specific tent pad. For example, you are guaranteed a tent pad at Upper Joffre Lake campground but you cannot reserve “tent pad #3”.

Can I get a refund?

For reservations: A refund may be available depending on the circumstances. For details on refunds, to find out if you are eligible, and to request a refund, please refer to the refund guidelines.

Where does the money go?

Camping fees help pay for maintaining park visitor services, such as trails, toilets, parking lots and other facilities. Reservation charges pay for the reservation service so it is not subsidized by tax payers.

Where can I find more information about a specific park? – look up the individual park’s page (look for “Find a Park” in the upper-right corner).