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BC Parks Response to COVID-19     ▼

As of :

As of July 1st, groupsites will be returning to normal occupancy levels and those with existing reservations are able to add more campers to a reservation upon arrival in-park.

With the shift into Step 3 of BC’s Restart plan, many group picnic shelters will begin to reopen. Reservable picnic shelters can be booked through Discover Camping starting July 9th.

As of June 23, 2021, free day-use passes are required to visit five of our busiest parks: Garibaldi, Golden Ears, Joffre Lakes, Mount Robson and Stawamus Chief.

Reservations can be booked up to two months in advance. Find out when you can book at each park at dates/. Policy information can be found at

The opening of groupsite reservations for 2022 has been postponed until further notice due to the evolving nature of COVID-19. BC Parks will provide advance notice before reservations become available.

We want to see you back at your favourite park, but mostly we want you to have a safe and healthy summer, so plan ahead to make the most of it.

Berg Lake Trail Reservation Policies

On Monday March 1 at 7am PT, backcountry reservations will be available for the full 2021 season for the Berg Lake Trail and the Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit.

All sites on the Berg Lake Trail are available to reserve and there are no first-come, first-served (FCFS) sites available during the reservable dates. If you do not have a reservation when you arrive, only non-reserved sites or cancellations will be available, and it may be difficult to obtain a spot on the trail. 


Reservation Rules

Full pre-payment of all camping fees and reservation charges is required to secure a reservation. Reservation holders must be at least 16 years of age and are responsible for the actions of all party members.

To ensure a smooth transition and minimizing delays to your party and others at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre, it is encouraged and recommended each party have a trip leader who books the trip under one reservation for the entire party.

Reservations are not transferable. Any reservation holders found to be transferring or selling their reservations to another party, risk their reservation being cancelled without a refund. If a customer can no longer use their reservation, they are encouraged to cancel it so that any unused user fees that are not forfeited as a penalty, can be refunded to the credit card that was used to make the original reservation.

At least one of the reservation holders ("Occupant" or "Optional Authorized Person") must be present upon arrival and during the stay. Identification may be required to keep the reservation valid.

Reservations or modifications to an existing reservation cannot be accepted less than 2 days prior to your arrival date.

Camping Fees and Reservation Charges

Camping fees for the Berg Lake Trail are listed on the Mount Robson Provincial Park webpage.

You can have up to 3 reservations in your cart; however, each reservation is processed separately. A reservation charge applies to each reservation in addition to camping fees and other park-user fees.

The Seniors Discount and the Social Servies Camping Fee Exemption do not apply to the Berg Lake Trail.

Accepted payment types include: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, and Mastercard Debit.

Charge Website Reservation Call Centre Reservation
Reservation Charges (non-refundable)
$6.00 (plus tax) per campsite/tent pad, per night, to a maximum of $18.00 (plus tax) $6.00 (plus tax) per campsite/tent pad, per night, to a maximum of $18.00 (plus tax) + $5.00 call centre surcharge, per reservation.

Camping Party Size

There are seven campgrounds along the trail, each consisting of a cluster of tent pads. Each tent pad is approximately 10' x 10' and will hold a single tent and up to 6 people (all ages).

Maximum group size for the Berg Lake Trail is 12.

No-Shows and Late Arrivals

Reserved sites are held until 11 AM the day after the scheduled arrival date.

If you do not notify the Mount Robson Visitor Centre directly of a late arrival, you will be considered a no-show and your reservation will be cancelled. All reservation charges and camping fees will be forfeited, and your site may be given away to another visitor.

Changes, Cancellations and Refunds

Only the person whose name is on the reservation has access to change or cancel it.

To change your reservation to a different campground/park, you must cancel and re-book.

Reservation charges, change fees, and call centre surcharges are non-refundable.

Cost to change/cancel more than 28 days before your arrival date Cost to change/cancel within 28 days of your arrival date Cancellations/changes

after arriving in the park

Via Discover Camping website

$6.00 change fee (plus tax) per campsite/tent pad.

If additional nights are reserved, pay additional camping fees and any applicable reservation charges (see Camping Fees and Reservation Charges above).

If any nights are cancelled, camping fees are refunded.

$6.00 change fee (plus tax) per campsite/tent pad

If additional nights are reserved, pay additional camping fees and any applicable reservation charges (see Camping Fees and Reservation Charges above).

If any nights are cancelled, camping fees are forfeited.

Reservation changes/cancellations cannot be accepted online within 2 days of the scheduled arrival date. Please contact the reservation call centre.

Any request for a change/cancellation/refund after arriving in a park must be arranged through the Visitor Centre prior to leaving the park, and will be assessed at the Visitor Centre’s discretion. Refunds cannot be provided through our online request form after arriving in the park.

Refunds are not given for an eviction, vacating your campsite early, or inclement weather.

Via Call Centre Fees as above plus $5.00 call centre surcharge (plus tax), per campsite/tent pad

Arrival Procedures

    Campers are required to register and obtain their camping permit for the Berg Lake Trail at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre.

    Visitor Centre staff will explain details and show a mandatory orientation video about the park and trail.