Berg Lake Trail reservations

Berg Lake Trail reservations

The Berg Lake Trail was seriously damaged following extreme weather in 2021. Trail repair work is ongoing the trail beyond Whitehorn campground remains closed. For full details, see the Mount Robson Park page.

The Berg Lake Trail is a world-renowned backcountry hiking route featuring some of the finest scenery in British Columbia. The trail is in Mount Robson Park, east of the Cariboo Mountains, near the Alberta border.

The trail has offered extraordinary multi-day hiking adventures to beginners and experienced wilderness hikers alike. Look on this page for up-to date information about:

For full details of our reservation policies, download the reservation services policies and terms [PDF].


When to make your reservation

  • Reservations for Whitehorn campground can be made staring at 7 am on June 26, 2024, for arrivals between July 2 and September 29, 2024.  
  • Reservations for Kinney Lake Campground are available until September 29, 2024.
  • You can make a reservation up until 5 pm Pacific Time on your scheduled arrival date, if tent pads are still available. 

Making a reservation

  • Anyone over 16 years of age can make a reservation at 
  • You can also make a reservation by calling 1-800-689-9025 toll-free from Canada and the US or 1-519-858-6161 internationally
  • A reservation guarantees you a spot in the campground but does not reserve a specific tent pad (see check-in, below, for more details)
  • Reservations cannot be transferred or sold to another party, and any attempt to do so will lead to cancellation without refund  
  • When booking your reservation, you must specify the ‘named occupant’ who will be your official reservation holder
  • This named occupant can be yourself or another person, but they must be present when your party arrives and throughout your stay

If the named occupant cannot be present throughout your stay, your reservation must be rebooked with an occupant who can be present. The named occupant may be asked to show ID during your stay to keep your reservation valid.

Camping party sizes and rules

  • Camping is permitted on tent pads only
  • Each tent pad is three square metres and accommodates two tents for use by one-to-four people (of any age)
  • You can reserve up to three tent pads at one time, with a maximum total camping party of 12 people

For more information on booking a camping trip in the backcountry, visit the backcountry camping reservations page.


  • Upon arrival, check in at the Mount Robson visitor centre to register your entire party and get trail condition information
  • If you have not watched the Berg Lake Trail orientation video in advance, you must do so when you check in
  • Bring a copy of your confirmation email and a completed ‘overnight hiker sign-off sheet’ when you check in

Download the overnight hiker sign-off sheet [PDF].

  • Your reservation is held until noon the day following your scheduled arrival, after which it is cancelled without refund 
  • Making a reservation guarantees you a spot, but the reservation service does not assign you a specific tent pad
  • You select your tent pad or pads when you arrive at the campground, on a first come, first served basis

For more information on checking in at a backcountry campground, see the backcountry camping reservations page.


All fees must be paid in full when you make your reservation. There are two types of fees:

  • Camping fees, which pay for use of your tent pad and other amenities
  • Transaction fees, which help us maintain the reservation service
Camping fees• $10 per night for adults over 16 
• $5 per night for youths aged 6–15
• Free for children under 6
Transaction fees• $6 per tent pad, per night
• Maximum fee of $18 per tent pad

Tax is included in camping fees, but tax is added to transaction fees. If you change or cancel your reservation, there will be additional fees (see changes and cancellations, below).

For more information about camping fees and transaction fees, see the camping fees page.

Changes and cancellations

  • You can change or cancel your reservation via or by calling 1-800-689-9025 (1-519-858-6161 internationally) 
  • There is a $6 transaction fee per tent pad for any cancellations or changes to your reservation
  • You cannot make any changes to your reservation itinerary after you arrive at the campground
  • If you cancel your reservation before you arrive, camping fees may be refunded (subject to policies outlined on the cancellations and refunds page) 
  • All transaction fees, including change and cancellation fees and call centre surcharges, are non-refundable 

For full details of our cancellation and refund policies, download the reservation services policies and terms [PDF].