Windermere Lake Park Management Planning

BC Parks is in the process of developing a management plan for Windermere Lake Provincial Park.

Management Planning Schedule

  • Stage 1: Initial Planning and Project Plan Approval (complete)

  • Stage 2: Development of the Draft Management Plan (complete)

    The public comment period on the initial planning stage has now concluded. We thank all to those who participated and shared important input to the planning process for the park. Development of the management plan will strongly consider much of the public and stakeholder input received, as such, the draft management plan is expected to reflect a balanced approach to the future management of Windermere Lake Provincial Park.

  • Stage 3: Draft Management Plan public review and comment (complete)

    BC Parks sincerely thanks all those who submitted online comments and letters with respect to the draft management plan. Based on that feedback and input from interested stakeholders, BC Parks is now working on Stage 4 of the management planning process – developing the final management plan.

  • Stage 4: Development of the Final Approved Management Plan (current stage)

Background Information

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For more information on the planning process:

Dani Money
Planning Section Head, BC Parks
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
205 Industrial Road G, Cranbrook, BC V1C 7G5
Tel: 250 420-6310