Stawamus Chief Provincial Park Master Plan


The approved master plan for Stawamus Chief Provincial Park ( 2157 kb) is now available in PDF format. Because of the large size of the file, the Photos are listed separately:

View from the Chief between the second and third peaks (149 kb)
Remnants of old-growth forest (151 kb)
View of the second peak from the third peak (112 kb)
Swamp east of the Chief (167 kb)
View from the Chief across the Squamish Valley (148 kb)
Climbers on the Chief (195 kb)
Viewpoint from second summit (134 kb)
Trail to the summits of the Chief (171 kb)

Final Report Cover page photo (135)
Page 12 photo (132 kb)
Page 18 photo (262 kb)
Page 27 photo (258 kb)
Appendices photo (340 kb)

This is NOT the original management planning product. This document has been scanned from the original format of the plan. It may contain some formatting changes, however the content is consistent with the original.

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