Paul Lake Provincial Park

BC Parks is preparing a new park management plan for Paul Lake Park, which is located approximately 15 km east of Kamloops.

Management Planning Process

  • Stage 1: Initial Information Gathering and Project Plan Approval (complete)

  • Stage 2: Development of the Draft Management Plan (complete)

  • Stage 3: Draft Park Management Plan Open for Public Review and Comment (current stage)

    • The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (BC Parks) is now seeking public input on the Draft Management Plan for Paul Lake Park. A copy of the draft management plan can be found at this link. You can submit your comments by taking the survey below or contact the project lead to fill out a comment form and mail it in (to the address at the bottom of the comment form) by June 15, 2022. In light of COVID-19, it is still uncertain if public information sessions will be held for this stage of the management planning process. Please check back on this website occasionally for updates on the planning process.
    • The project lead for this planning process is:
      Peter Weilandt, Planning Section Head
      Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
      BC Parks, Thompson Region, Kamloops, B.C.
      (250) 312-7348 or email at
    • Thank you again for taking the time to participate in helping shape the future of management direction for Paul Lake Park.
  • Stage 4: Development and Approval of the Final Approved Management Plan

Background Information

Previous management direction for the original extent of Paul Lake Provincial Park, prior to its extension, will inform the present management planning process for the new, larger area.

Get Management Planning Updates

For more information on the planning process:

Peter Weilandt, Planning Section Head
BC Parks and Conservation Officer Service Division
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy
Thompson Cariboo Region
1259 Dalhousie Drive, Kamloops, BC, V2C 525
250 371-6235