BC Parks’ Long Term Ecological Monitoring Program

BC Parks’ Long Term Ecological Monitoring Program

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Protected areas in BC comprise more than 14 million hectares of the province. Parks have long been recognized as valuable benchmarks for monitoring conditions that are not directly affected by human activities.

BC Parks’ Long Term Ecological Monitoring (LTEM) Program aims to monitor ecological changes occurring across B.C.’s landscape – from the marine & intertidal biome right up to the alpine and sub-alpine biome. The data that results from 10, 20, 50 years of monitoring will be invaluable for describing trends and rates of change in our very diverse and topographically complex province.

Land managers across the province will need to know what kinds of changes are happening in B.C.’s ecosystems – where and at what rate – in order to make informed management decisions that will protect the natural qualities of our province. BC Parks’ LTEM database will serve as a valuable resource for land managers.

As BC Parks’ LTEM Program grows, it has already benefited from the help of many volunteers and other partners who have helped us collect data and build the database! If you are interested in knowing more about this project or find out whether you or your organization can get involved, please contact the LTEM Program Manager at BCParksConservation@gov.bc.ca.

Ecological Monitoring is the “repeated observation, through time, of selected objects and values in the ecosystem to determine the state of the system” ~ Clayoquot Sound Scientific Panel