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Mount Robson Provincial Park: Berg Lake Trail

About This Park

Berg Lake Trail Reservations

To reserve a camping spot on the Berg Lake Trail:
(24 hrs/day)

Or contact the call centre
7 days a week, 7am to 7pm (PT) 7am–7pm PT daily except Dec 25 and Jan 1
$5 surcharge per transaction

Toll-free from Canada/USA:
1 800 689-9025
Other International:
1 519 858-6161

Check the Mount Robson webpage for important safety information before visiting the park:

Berg Lake Trail Orientation

Once you have your reservation and before heading to the park, please view the orientation video and complete the following form:

For the 2021 season, reservations for the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park will open January 2021 and must be made online. To meet demand for this world class destination, the Berg Lake Trail is 100% reservable in advance of arrival.

The Berg Lake Trail is a world-renowned backcountry hiking trail. Gaining just under 800 metres in 23 kilometres, the trail traverses three biogeoclimatic zones.

This trail takes hikers to some of the best scenery in the province. Beyond Kinney Lake, the trail enters the Valley of a Thousand Falls. Fed by the massive Mist, Berg and Robson glaciers, visitors often see huge sections of ice break off or “calve” into the blue/green, silt-laden waters of Berg Lake. Berg Lake campsite is 21 km from the trailhead parking lot. Use one of the campgrounds as a base and take in some day hiking or continue past Robson Pass campground for a challenging excursion.

Difficulty: Opportunities for beginner and advanced backcountry hikers.

Berg Lake Trail Campgrounds

There are seven campgrounds along the trail. Each campground has a cluster of tent pads; each tent pad will hold a single tent up to 10’ x 10’ and 1 to 6 people (all ages) per pad. The seven campgrounds along the trail are (in order):

  • Kinney Lake
  • Whitehorn
  • Emperor Falls
  • Marmot
  • Berg Lake
  • Rearguard
  • Robson Pass


There are very few facilities along the trail.

All campgrounds have bear proof food storage lockers, pit toilets, washbasins and grey-water pits. There are no showers, no flush toilets and no fires allowed. Camp stoves are mandatory for cooking.


Each year, reservations for the Berg Lake Trail are available beginning October 1st for the following season! To make a reservation, visit the BC Parks reservations system.

Registration & Permits

For hikers that wish to hike over Robson Pass from Jasper National Park, ending at the Berg Lake trailhead, you will need to register at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre prior to commencing your hike if you plan to camp.

Register and obtain your camping permit at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre before commencing your hike. At the earliest, you may register beginning at noon the day prior.

When hikers register at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre, the staff will explain details (including a video) about the park, trail, etc.

All campers must check in at the Mount Robson Visitor Centre during the following hours of operation:

June 15 – Sept 29: 8 am to 4 pm
Last check-in of the day begins at 3:30 pm

For information concerning Robson Meadows, Robson River and Lucerne Campgrounds, email Quartz Contracting at For all reservation inquires for these campgrounds and for the Berg Lake Trail, please contact: BC Parks reservation system (24 hrs/day):
Or call toll-free from Canada/USA:

1 800 689-9025
Other International:
7 days per week (including holidays*):
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (PST)
*with the exception of Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 when the call center is closed.

Helicopter landings are permitted at Robson Pass on Mondays and Fridays. Hikers who wish to fly in must obtain a camping permit prior to commencing their hike if you plan to camp.

General Information

Any trail updates will be posted under the “Attention Visitors – Important Notice” alert on the main page for Mount Robson.

Hammocks are not allowed for use on the Berg Lake Trail. Maximum group size for the Berg Lake Trail is 12.


There is no charge to day hike on the trail but there is a trail fee charged for those that hike/camp overnight.

Children 5 and under camp for free, but must be accompanied by an adult (16 years of age or older).

For overnight trips, dogs are not permitted on the trail. Dogs are permitted on the trail for day hikes only but must be on a leash.

Bicycles are allowed on the trail but only as far as the Kinney Lake campground (7 km).

Additional Hiking Routes along or from Berg Lake Trail

  • Kinney Lake Trail (2.5 hours, return): From the Berg Lake Trail parking lot, the trail winds through old-growth cedar/hemlock forest as it follows the Robson River to Kinney Lake. This gentle 4.5 km (one way) hike offers incredible scenery and wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Hargreaves Lake Route (1/2 day): From Marmot campsite near Berg Lake, this route climbs to Hargreaves Lake and Glacier. From the viewpoint, the trail continues and crosses the Toboggan Falls Route on course to the Mumm Basin.
  • Toboggan Falls Route (2 hours, return): From the trailhead at the Toboggan Creek bridge near Berg Lake campsite, the trail climbs to Toboggan Falls and the surrounding alpine basin. This route intersects the Hargreaves Lake and Mumm Basin routes. Continue up beyond this junction for an extra 45 minutes and you will reach a small cave.
  • Mumm Basin Route (1/2 day): A steep alpine trail leads to views of the alpine lakes, mountains and glaciers. The trail can start or end in Robson Pass or Berg Lake campsites.
  • Snowbird Pass Route (1 day): Snowbird Pass is closed May and June due to caribou calving. A challenging route marked by rock cairns (caution required), it provides spectacular views of the back of Mount Robson. From berg Lake campsite the trip is 22 km, return. Start north of Rearguard campsite, follow Robson River then travel up to Robson Glacier’s moraine. Hike up to an alpine meadow, beyond which is Snowbird Pass.
  • Moose River Route (7 days): This route should be attempted only by well-equipped, experienced hikers as river crossings and route finding are required. This 105 km route can be accessed via Berg Lake, through Robson Pass onto Adolphus Lake continuing on the Jasper National Park trail system. The route takes you over Moose Pass back into Mount Robson Park and down the Moose River to Hwy 16 near its confluence with the Fraser River. For day hikers, trips along this trail offer view of Adolphus Lake (7 km return, to Berg Lake) or Coleman Valley (26 km, return, to Berg Lake).
  • There are other extensive hiking routes throughout Mount Robson Provincial Park.

Climbing and Mountaineering

Climbers from around the world come to the park to tackle Mount Robson's imposing peak. At 3,954 m (12,972 ft), Mount Robson is by no means the highest peak in Canada or the USA, but few mountains anywhere in the world can claim to offer almost 3,000m (10,000 ft) of pure ascent.