Licence Plate Program


Over $3.3M invested

Student Rangers

Over $2.3M invested

Engagement, Education & Inclusion

Over $1.2M invested

Indigenous Reconciliation

Over $900K invested

Fire-Based Ecosystem and Land Management

Over $650K invested

Fire-Based Ecosystem and Land Management
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Licence Plate Program

The BC Parks Licence Plate Program is a partnership between the Province and ICBC whereby motorists in British Columbia can choose one of three specialty plate designs depicting scenes from B.C.’s parks and protected areas. The designs include the Kermode bear, an elusive white version of black bear found on B.C.’s coast, the snow-capped Purcell Mountains symbolizing the province’s interior region, and Porteau Cove overlooking Howe Sound.

Available at Autoplan broker offices throughout B.C., a BC Parks plate costs $50 for the initial purchase, and $40 to renew each year. All net proceeds from the sale and ongoing renewals of the licence plates are re-invested back into provincial parks through the Park Enhancement Fund (PEF), a special account separate from the B.C. government's annual budget to BC Parks. Created in 2008 within the ‘Special Accounts Appropriation and Control Act’, PEF spending is governed by this Act.

In March 2021, the BC Parks Licence Plate Program reached a milestone with the sale of 250,000 specialty plates. Through partnerships with Indigenous partners and community groups across the province, projects related to conservation, Indigenous reconciliation, fire-based ecosystem and land management, engagement, education and inclusion were completed over the last five years, as well along with support for the Student Ranger Program which started in 2018.

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Five-Year Report

Our five-year report, published January 2022, celebrates our work we’ve completed to date for our fifth anniversary of the BC Parks Licence Plate Program.

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Licence Plate Program Five Year Report

Projects by Region

From 2017 to 2021, BC Parks completed 326 projects in different regions across the province. Below is a map displaying regional allocation.

BC Parks Licence Plate Projects by Region