Criteria for Youth Groups

Youth Group: means a group of 12 or more persons which meets the following criteria:
  • A British Columbia k-12 school, not-for-profit youth organization, or youth program run by a recreation centre taking members who are 18 years of age or younger for overnight camping trip.
  • A supervision ratio of not less than one adult (19 or older) to eight youth, and not more than one adult to every three youth for designated frontcountry group sites.
  • A higher supervision ratio may be required for designated backcountry group sites. This information will be posted on the website for specific parks/areas.
  • A higher supervision ratio for youth with special needs may be permitted (e.g. one-to-one supervision).
  • Note: Pre-registration may be required for some park locations. Please ensure you check individual park pages well in advance of your trip.
Youth Group Fees
  • The fee per night for the use of a designated group site is $1/person (age 6 and older) with a minimum charge of $50/group site. The $50/group site/night minimum includes the first 50 people. The maximum charge is $150/group site/night.
  • This fee applies to all designated group sites only for all youth groups that meet the criteria.
  • Reservation fees apply when Discover Camping services are used.