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Yard Creek Provincial Park

About This Park

Yard Creek Provincial Park, photo credit to the Shuswap Trail Alliance Yard Creek Park, photo credit to the Shuswap Trail Alliance

Yard Creek Provincial Park was established as a 59 hectare Class “A” park on March 16, 1956 for the purpose of providing a campground for the travelling public on the Trans-Canada Highway. As an outcome of the Okanagan Shuswap Land and Resource Management Plan, another 116 hectares were added to the park in 2004 under Schedule C of the Protected Areas of British Columbia Act, adding a strong conservation component to the park’s role.


The landscape surrounding Yard Creek Park is part of the Interior wetbelt characterized by cedar and hemlock forest and lush undergrowth.

The park contains a variety of bird species including American dippers. These fascinating little birds dive into the icy waters of the creek and “fly” along under the water in search of water insects. Watch for them on the rocks along the creek.

The Yard Creek campground is managed by the Yard Creek Park Caretaker (Columbia Shuswap Regional District).
For more information: The Columbia Shuswap Regional District’s webpage.

Know Before You Go

  • Fires, wood cutting and vehicles are not permitted on the Nature Trails and can lead to fines under the Park Act.


This park is located approximately 15 kilometres east of Sicamous, along the Trans Canada Highway.

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Yard Creek Provincial Park offers an extensive network of nature trails (Eagle River Nature Trails) on the North side of Highway 1. The trial head is accessible from the parking lot located at the west end of the park.