Wells Gray Provincial Park – Trophy Mountain

Hiking Trail

From the parking lot a gently ascending trail takes you on a relaxed 45 minute, 1km hike to the sub-alpine meadows of the Trophy Mountains. The elevation gain is only 200 metres.

Trail conditions and updates will be posted on the main page under the Attention Visitor Notice.

The trail winds its way through an old-growth forest of fragrant Engelmann spruce and sub-alpine fir. The small size of these 250 year old trees attests to the harsh living conditions at this altitude.

The trail passes several small streams before breaking out into the open expanses of the sub-alpine meadow. In July and August, the endless saves of vibrant-coloured wildflowers make this one of them most popular hikes in the area.

From the meadow, the trail continues a further 1 1/4 hours across lichen encrusted rocks to Sheila Lake. The trail ends at the lake, however an additional hour of uphill climbing will get you to the panoramic views of Skyline Ridge (12 km round trip from the parking lot). Because these ridges are over 2,500 metres, weather can change quickly. Therefore, you should be sure to carry a topographic map, compass, warm clothing, and extra food. Maps can be purchased at the Wells Gray Visitor Centre.

Wells Gray Provincial Park – Trophy Mountain