Wells Gray Provincial Park – Murtle Lake

Hiking Trails

The hiking trails listed below can be reached only by canoe or kayak. Distances are for one way travel. Trailheads are marked by signs. Trail conditions and updates will be posted on the main page under the Attention Visitor Notice.

Be aware of signs of bear activity on any of the trails, and be prepared to take evasive action.

Henrietta Lake Easy 20-minute hike, 1 km. Trailhead 4 km west of Murtle lagoon. Fishing.

Anderson Lake: Easy 1 1/2 hour hike, 4 km. Trailhead just west of Smoker Islands. Abandoned cabin; beautiful vista; mosquitoes.

McDougall Falls: Easy 1 1/2 hike, 5 km. Trailhead across Diamond Lagoon. Stay clear of lagoon outlet as fast river current starts suddenly.

Central Mountain: Moderate to difficult 4 hour hike. 7 1/2 km with 1037m elevation gain. Trailhead located on north short of west arm. Steep trail route marked with orange markers. Superb views and alpine flowers. Carry water.

File Creek/McDougall Lake Route: 1.5 km portage trail to bypass rapids on File Creek, then upstream via File Creek to head of navigation. Trailhead at Kostal campsite. Continuation of the trail from head of navigation to McDougall Lake over lava beds from Kostal Volcano is not easy. Carry water and watch carefully for orange markers.

Wavy Alpine: Moderate to difficult 4 hour hike. 7 km with 975 m elevation gain. Trailhead on east shore of North Arm, at end of long sandy beach north of Strait Creek campsite. Extensive hiking and overnight camping opportunities once alpine is reached. Views, alpine meadows, lakes. The Strait Lake access trail also branches off the Wavy Alpine trail.

Wells Gray Provincial Park - Murtle Lake